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Digital marketing and social media have transformed the way we deliver communications to our stakeholders - to service users, members of the public, the media, our partners, staff and suppliers

“Highly experienced public sector marketing, PR and communications professionals are now required to learn new digital skills. This can be difficult to do with the demands of your job, so I have created this platform especially for you. This is a safe place to learn, share and empower yourself. You don’t have to fear going for promotion, you don’t have to fear being displaced by younger digitally savvy juniors. It’s time you leveraged digital to accentuate your existing skillset.“ - Joanne Sweeney

I am the go-to public sector marketing expert with an impressive client portfolio. I will help you bring your marketing skills into the Digital Age with practical, relevant and high-end training, mentoring and support.

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I’m finding the Diploma content very useful and thought-provoking. It’s an opportunity to step back from my workload, pause and think about what it is I’m trying to achieve.


The training was very practical and based on our own work as well as rich in content and operational guidance. It included a good balance of technical information and advice on how to build relevant and valuable content.


The digital strategy developed by Joanne has improved internal and external communications. Our contributions to external stakeholders are also more professionally delivered.


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