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How To Manage COVID-19
Digital Crisis Communications

We are providing crisis communications support to government agencies and public sector right now during this pandemic. There are five ways in which we can help you.

Public Sector Marketing Pro Named Top PR Book for 2020

"Digital fluency is imperative in the public sector, where the mission is delivering citizen services to the public. Joanne's book was the instruction manual I needed in the White House. All the lessons I learned took years and countless failures. She presents digital tactics and strategies in relatable ways applicable to your daily work. It's an instruction manual to use the rapidly evolving technologies of today and prepare you for the workforce of tomorrow."

Tom Cochran, Former Obama White House digital leader

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Digital Skills Academy

Our academy will fast-track your organisation’s digital transformation. Our practical modules and tactical tutorials will show your team how to turn traditional marketing into agile digital communications.

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Useful Resources

From podcasts to our video library, how-to-guides to a variety of industry-specific books. Public Sector Marketing Pros will bring you up to date digital tools and resources to get your message out there.

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Accredited Training

Public Sector Marketing Pros offer a range of training, from indivual topic-specific modules through to a full diploma. All with CPD accreditation. See if your organisation could benefit from having new skills to hand.

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Coaching & Consulting

Have a particular digital project that is causing you a headache? Looking to work with a mentor with experience in public sector marketing? Could your team benefit from Digital Training? Checkout my range of services.

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Digital marketing and social media have transformed the way we deliver communications to our stakeholders - to service users, members of the public, the media, our partners, staff and suppliers.

“Highly experienced public sector marketing, PR and communications professionals are now required to learn new digital skills. This can be difficult to do with the demands of your job, so I have created this platform especially for you. This is a safe place to learn, share and empower yourself. You don’t have to fear going for promotion, you don’t have to fear being displaced by younger digitally savvy juniors. It’s time you leveraged digital to accentuate your existing skillset.“ - Joanne

I am the go-to public sector marketing expert with an impressive client portfolio. I will help you bring your marketing skills into the Digital Age with practical, relevant and high-end training, mentoring and support.

SOSM Report Ireland

The State of

Social Media

IRELAND (2018)

An analysis of the social media footprint of Ireland’s 330 public sector bodies.
State of Social Media Australia - Cover

The State of

Social Media


An analysis of the social media activity of 1,037 Australian government agencies.
Public Sector Marketing Pro Book

Public Sector

Marketing Pro
Essential reading for marketing professionals working in government and public sector who want immediate digital communications results
Social Media
Success told through real-life case studies, written by the global leader in public sector marketing, Joanne Sweeney.

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2020 Social Media Masterclass Schedule

All masterclasses will take place online from 9.30am-3pm with a break in between

Topic Description Date
Instagram for Public Engagement How to use Instagram (Grid, Stories, IGTV and Ads) to create citizen advocates Tue 3rd March
Setting up a Government or Public Sector Podcast How to plan, produce, publish and promote your new podcast Mon 30th March
Social Media Strategy Masterclass How to develop and execute a social media strategy for public sector Thu 30th April
Engaging Citizens using Facebook Ads How to utilise Facebook Ads to build awareness, promote engagement Tue 26th May
How to Manage A PR Crisis on Social Media Plan, prepare, prevent a crisis online but if and when one ignites have a strategy to put it out Wed 27th May
Writing for the Social Web How to turn uninteresting or complex information into highly engaging web and social media content Wed 23rd September
Mobile Video Masterclass How to use your smartphone and software to create video for social media Thu 22nd October
Integrating Digital Communications Work Practices into Your Organisation Developing a new suite of work practices to deliver a digital first communications strategy Thu 26th November

Essential Skills for Science Communications

Social Media and Writing
for the Social Web


One of the biggest challenges facing ocean science and other scientific disciplines is communications. In this practical two-day workshop, scientists will develop their own social media and digital communications plan. This will ensure their work is shared among the public, who are an important stakeholder in climate action.

Public Sector Marketing Pro Nominated for Best International Business Book

The Business Book Awards highlights Leadership, Change and Sustainability in business through the promotion of Business Books and their authors, who share their industry knowledge, experience and expertise in published book form.

Summit 2021 | Join The Waitlist

Following the success of the 2018 & 2019 Summit in Dublin, we are planning the next event in 2021! Expect top class keynote speakers, examples of best in class case studies and lots of opportunities to network.


Richard Corbridge, CDIO, Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, UK

Joanne delivered a lively, informative and thought-provoking session to a group of staff with an interest inusing blogging as a way to push forward on the organisation’s transparency agenda. She is extremely professional in her delivery, well organised and has a plethora of materials at the ready for a group with a broad range of capabilities. She customised the training to our specific needs and was well researched about our organsiation and the personalities taking part in the training.

Cliona Connolly, Irish Press Officer, EU Parliament

The training I have completed with Joanne is simply the best training I have ever done. Joanne empowers people to embrace social in the most efficient, strategic way according to their goals. Her gregarious, approachable nature means everyone from basic to advanced users will take away valuable skills from her training courses. Her enthusiasm and positivity also inspired a willingness amongst those present to practice everything we learned and commit to better social engagement.

Sinead McDonagh, Public Relations Officer, National Association of Youthreach Coordinators, Department of Education, Ireland

Joanne has exceptional digital knowledge which she shares so freely. Her ability to explain complex concepts is remarkable. Our senior leadership team thoroughly enjoyed learning from Joanne, she is a natural mentor.