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2021 has arrived and we’ve finally seen the back of 2020, a difficult year for all of us as we try to get through the pandemic, lots of lessons of course were learned during that year but what does 2021 bring and how can I help you level up your digital and your social media marketing skills? 


There are a number of ways that you can work with us, and perhaps you’ve been following this YouTube channel, engaging with us on social media, but you wanted a better understanding of how we can engage and how I can help you, your organisation and your teams in 2021. 


Over the years I’ve done so much one-to-one consulting, so much one-to-one in-house training and really at the end of all that what I’ve been able to ascertain are the top 20 challenges that government and public sector have around social media and digital marketing. 


What I’ve done is I’ve turned those into solutions. 


There are three core ways in which you can work with us at Public Sector Marketing Institute. 



1 – Accredited Professional Diploma in Social Media


This program was designed for your sector, it’s not aimed at the business sector where a conversion equals a sale, it’s aimed at public interest messaging. 

In fact when I met with Facebook last year, their government advocacy and politics teams, they noticed the language that I used in my book Public Sector Pro and a lot of that knowledge is taken into the course, but also layered upon that are the current social media tactics. 

You will be brought up to speed on each of the core social media platforms, there are 12 modules in total in that course. 


2 – Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

If you want a broader view of the digital landscape then this course is for you.

Modules covered; 

  • web, 
  • email marketing, 
  • social media, 
  • digital crisis communication, 
  • structure processes, 
  • developing senior leadership plans


It also has 12 modules. 


It’s about developing your strategic knowledge and your critical thinking. 


3 – Join Our Membership Academy


If you don’t want to commit to a course in 2021, then in fact you can join our membership academy. 

Become a full member of the Public Sector Marketing Institute for a full year, get access to live group coaching with your peers from across the world, access subject matter experts from the social networks, but also from the world of government and public sector across the globe, get access to a monthly master class where we do a deep dive into a digital marketing or a social media topic. 

You will be continuing to build your continuing professional development, your knowledge and your skills, but it’s done in a more informal way. 

So that is a full 12 months, I’m giving you three 90-minute sessions a month that are absolutely live. 

So that’s lots of tactile and in-person, albeit online, communication.


So what is it going to be for you in 2021? 

Is it going to be one of our accredited diplomas? 

Is it going to be the academy? 


Of course we still do bespoke consulting and in-house training, and we even develop digital academies for government organisations, so if you want us to build your digital academy with all the courses and all the trainings for your organisation, we can also do that. 


This is my passion project, this of course is also my business, but it’s a topic that I’m completely committed to and working with my clients I definitely see the results. 


I hope to get the opportunity to work with you, your teams and your organisations in 2021.


Joanne Sweeney

Public Sector Marketing Institute

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The State of Social Media in the Public Sector

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