7 Major Public Sector Marketing Shifts You Need to Adopt Now


Hello and welcome to episode 78 of the Public Sector Marketing Show. 

2023 has been a ground-breaking year in terms of marketing transformation. Technology continues to drive change, disrupt consumer behaviour and challenge marketers. 

We are now navigating a new trajectory of AI-driven marketing practice. 

In today’s show I take a closer look at those trends that give rise to the new skills we all need to master in order to remain relevant in the Digital Age. 

I speak to Amanda Webb, founder of Spiderworking and Digital Marketing expert and we dig deeper on the seven marketing trends that are dominating marketing practice in 2023. 

It’s time to pause before we reprioritise. So stay tuned and let me share these important insights with you.

Coming up in episode #78:

  • ✍️ Column: How to Pivot in Times of Great Change
  • 💬 Consulting: What’s Trending in Marketing Right Now?
  • 🎙️ Interview: I speak to Amanda Webb, founder of Spiderworking on the topic of ‘Why Public Sector Marketing?’

Column | How to Pivot in Times of Great Change

Nobody likes change. The humanness within us retracts when we are forced to transform. So just be aware it’s completely normal to feel unsettled, and uncomfortable. But here are some tips to help you prepare for marketing transformation within you department or agency, or even if you are transforming your own skillset. 

  • 1️⃣ Mindset – embrace a mindset of ‘I am changing’ – acknowledge, act, activate.
  • 2️⃣ Adapt – systems and processes will be your friend in times of marketing change, in fact this is probably the fundamental shift you need to make.
  • 3️⃣ Adopt – test and learn new tools and ways of working, you are not looking for perfection initially you are seeking out how new marketing practices fit into your organisation and how you reorient teams and work flows.
  • 4️⃣ Agile – you need a team that is supported to upskill and is given space to test and learn, get it wrong to get it right. 
  • 5️⃣ Implement – everything I teach is academic until you put it into practice, you must learn by doing. 
  • 6️⃣ Consistent – make it part of your working week for six weeks and review what worked, didn’t work, could work better and then document this process and make it a standard operating procedure.

Consulting | What’s Trending in Marketing Right Now?

Wow! Since I was on my content marketing hiatus, there’s been so many updates in the sector. So, here’s 7 that are worth sharing and focusing on in your organisation. 

  1. 🎯 ChatGPT goes mainstream 
  2. 🎯 Twitter turns to X 
  3. 🎯 GA4 is here 
  4. 🎯 Instagram launches Threads 
  5. 🎯 TikTok ban for government devices extends to Ireland and other countries 
  6. 🎯 Digital news consumption increases 
  7. 🎯 Adobe Express launches with the introduction of Firefly

Interview | Why Public Sector Marketing?

I speak to Amanda Webb, founder of Spiderworking and expert digital marketer. We go deeper into each of these 7 marketing trends. 

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