I was in Washington DC recently to manage social media for the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Ministerial Event organised by the US & Brazilian Government’s and the European Commission.

I thought I’d share my learnings (I’m always learning too) from live social now that in-person events are back.

7️⃣ Tips to Succeed at Social Media Live Event Reporting



1. The hashtag rules: set it, monitor it, measure it. When reviewing the event hashtag #AllAtlantic2022 I saw that the event was included in a Tweet from the US State Department and included a tag with @POTUS (President of the United States) Twitter account. This provided significant reach and it was important I didn’t miss it, so I could acknowledge it.


2. Pipeline Tweets: fill your social media management tool with pipeline Tweets to fill gaps when you are writing notes from the live event. Examples include, speaker bios, the link for the Livestream, notes on topics raised during the event, or other interesting FAQs.


3. Write Long-hand: I found this to be a game-changer. Rather than trying to hear one impactful statement that I could Tweet, I took real-time notes and after each speaker session, got about 3-4 really impactful sound bites. If you’re not a touch-typer then use the Otter.io app which will transcribe in real-time for you. Then you can edit and post with confidence.

4. Social video: make the most of having a room full of experts, audience members and record short clips on your smartphone. You’ll only need a tripod and mic to sync with your phone to get this done efficiently. I grabbed people at breaks, and before and after each day.

5. Atmosphere: capture the atmosphere of the in-person event with behind the scenes content, hugs, catching up, networking. Show the human element.

6. Engage your audience: you’ve got a room full of influential people, nurture their engagement on social and encourage them to create their own content. Promote the hashtag throughout the event and consider a Twitter wall so they can see their contributions on a big screen.

7. Measure and Explain: at the outset of your event you will have set goals, what success looks like. Now it’s time to illustrate it in your report. Don't just include numbers, you need to explain what they mean and the tangible impact to your organisation. So, write a full report with wins, takeaways, recommendations and follow up actions.


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