Do you want to master social media for Government and Public Sector? Here are seven things you will learn by attending our two-day summit on September 22nd and 23rd.

Right now, it’s imperative that your agency has an up-to-date social media strategy and your team is competent and confident on all the social networks. We understand how difficult it is to keep up with platform changes, so we decided to dedicate Day 2 of our event to social media and digital marketing tactics.

In this blog post we share the social media track workshops which attendees have access in real-time but for three months after the event ends.

Each workshop is 60-minutes and there is live interaction with our subject matter experts.


Do you want to master social media for Government and Public Sector? Here are seven things you will learn by attending our two-day summit on September 22nd and 23rd.| #2021Summit #PublicSectorDMS #PublicSectorMarketingShowClick To Tweet

#1 How to Prepare a TikTok Strategy

Not sure if TikTok is right for your agency? Keenya Kelly will help you develop a dedicated plan that will help you reach a younger audience.

She will share the tactics you should deploy to be relevant, engaging and successful on the fastest growing social network in the world. She will also share government and public sector examples of best practice.

Why TikTok for Government and Public Sector?

It currently garners engagement rates of 10%, it helps reach younger demographics on important social, health, education and policing topics. Launching on TikTok will also help you perfect mobile video skills now popular on all social networks.

#2 How to Leverage Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to engage niche audiences, but how do you engage influencers if you are a government or public sector agency?

Sinead Carroll, founder of Irish Blogger Agency will give you a roadmap and outline look what metrics you should be looking for to evaluate success. She will also share the legal requirements around paid collaborations and share examples of best practice.

#3 How to Maximise Reach for Public Sector Communications

Facebook can be challenging in terms of reach, but how about getting a dedicated strategy for success? Louise McDonnell will give you a clear plan of action that you can implement immediately. Facebook is alive and well and is an important channel to reach the public.


#4 How to Launch a Social Media Show and Why You Should

If you want to succeed on social media then this is one way you can. But don't worry if you don't know where to start when launching a social media show, Amanda Webb has a master plan for you.

#5 How to Be A LinkedIn Leader

LinkedIn is home to public sector leaders, staff, and influential citizens. Managing your personal professional brand is key in the Digital Age, and John Espirian has created a workshop to help you shine online.

#6 How to Master Trust Marketing on Twitter

Trust is the number one currency in the Digital Age for the public sector, politicians, governments, and policy-makers. It's your top conversion goal and if you want to develop a trust strategy on Twitter then settle in and join Madalyn Sklar for a detailed workshop.

#7 Mastering the Instagram Effect and Your Mobile Storytelling

Instagram has declared it's so much more than a photo-sharing app, and so we all need to step up our Instagram game. In her workshop, Jenn Herman will provide you with a plan of action for Stories, Reels, IGTV, Grid, Guides, and Livestreaming.

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