A year ago, I launched the Public Sector Marketing Show and 12 months on I’m sharing lessons, insights, and our listeners' favourite episodes.

Right now, we have 1,417 unique listeners on the podcast alone, with another 8,200 channel views on YouTube and 300,000 impressions on Facebook. We also have extended reach on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. These are great figures for a niche podcast. And we appreciate every single one of you!

Where are our listeners from?

· 31% are from Ireland

· 31% are from the US

· 16% are from the UK

· 5% are from New Zealand

· 4% are from Australia

· 4% are from Belgium

· 3% are from India

What will you get from listening to the podcast?

· Gain insights into successful government and public sector marketing from pros on the frontline of the communications;

· Join a supportive community that promotes great work and innovation by marketing and communications team; and

· Be inspired by case studies from your peers.

Love is in the air

We love our listeners and to celebrate our 1st birthday this Valentine’s week, we are giving away 10 FREE copies of the book Public Sector Marketing Pro. Simply tell us what your favourite show is from our 48 episodes, tag us in your comment.

Your top 10

I have analysed the numbers and here are the top 10 shows chosen by you, our public sector pro community. We have linked each episode in this blog too so go ahead and catch some of the episodes that you might have missed.

#1 How to Be A Social Media Influencer in the Public Sector - Episode 1

#2 How to Launch and Build a Public Sector Podcast - Episode 8

#3 The Joe Rogan Effect That Will Impact Public Sector Comms in 2022 - Episode 44

#4  2022 Social Media Predictions for Public Sector - Episode 40

#5 Mastering Instagram for Government Agencies - Episode 11

#6 The Role of Internal Communications in the Digital Workplace - Episode 13

#7 Virtual Event Ideas for Public Sector - Episode 10

#8 How to Manage Negativity and Trolling on Social Media - Episode 4

#9 Why Comparison Kills Creativity in Social Media Marketing - Episode 35

#10 Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit | Communications Lessons from the Frontline of the Pandemic - Episode 31

Lessons from Covid-19 Communications

Do you want to be a guest?

We are always looking for great case studies, get in touch to be a guest. Email info@publicsectormarketingpros.com and put “Podcast Guest” in the subject line. If you haven't already, please rate and review!

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