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2021 was a year of Awards for Digital Training Institute and Public Sector Marketing Institute. We have been recognised by industry for our commitment to high standards in digital marketing and social media consulting and training.

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What awards did we win?

  • > Best Online Social Media Provider in Ireland
  • > Best Niche Audience Digital Marketing Training Consultancy
  • > Global 100 Best Online Social Media Training Provider
  • > Coach of Excellence Certification


Operating in the specialised sector of digital marketing and social media training has allowed Digital Training Institute to focus solely on its target audience, resulting in tangible growth over the years. – Joanne Sweeney


Our approach to digital marketing and social media for niche industries

The Digital Training Institute provides niche digital marketing and social media training to the government and public sector with a vision to elevate the standard of digital communications globally in governments and public sector agencies in the public interest. Its mission is to provide expert, accredited and practical training to public sector professionals who are delivering and communicating public services on social media and digital platforms.

Furthermore, the Institute also designed a series of bespoke accredited courses for the sector, as the organisation understands that private sector digital marketing differs significantly from public sector digital marketing.

Identifying a gap in the market and understanding the need to serve public sector and government agencies in the digital age, Chief Executive Officer, Joanne Sweeney, decided to embark on launching a sub-brand called Public Sector Marketing Institute.

Here, she explains further about this new arm of the business.

“While we were already working with the public sector at Digital Training Institute, we knew it was important to create a dedicated website and content suite that would speak to their needs,” she says. “This also resulted in a series of dedicated accredited courses being designed and launched. Many digital marketing and social media courses available on the market are geared at businesses with sales as the ultimate conversion, and we knew this was not applicable to the public sector. But with our knowledge and vast experience, we knew we could fill the gap and serve their digital educational needs at a very high standard.”

Whilst most other providers offer general digital marketing or social media courses, Digital Training Institute has designed its training specifically to focus solely on the government and public sector, with industry case studies from public sector peers, design messaging and frameworks that speak to public interest messaging. It is this that helps the organisation differentiate itself from competitors.

“We offer a unique service that attracts a global audience of students across national governments, local government, policing, politics, higher education, science, health, citizen rights, and policy. Our work includes studies and reports of social media usage trends in Australia, USA, and Ireland, with the UK and mainland Europe planned in 2022. “

Joanne firmly believes that trust and transparency is the number one priority in the Digital Age and she strives to ensure that everything Digital Training Institute does hinges on this mantra.

“In a world where disinformation is the norm online, it is vital to amplify public sector messaging and ensure staff are equipped with best-practice knowledge and skills so they are savvy and strategic online, as trust is the number one currency in the digital age.”

Trust has never been so important, however, as it has been over the last 12 months and the Covid-19 pandemic has given an urgency to the needs of the public sector in terms of elevated and more proactive digital communications.

Digital Training Institute courses are externally accredited by the CPD Standards Office and recognised in 22 countries worldwide and Joanne tells us that the appetite for this type of training is strong.

“The demand for our courses is ever-growing,” she elaborates. “In 2020, two months into Covid-19 we even launched a new accredited programme – a Certificate in Digital Communications for Government and Public Sector.”

Regarding the future, Joanne predicts further growth as the company is currently focusing on expanding into the USA and Australia and seeking partners to collaborate with. It is also contributing to a new book in digital diplomacy with Joanne authoring a chapter.

The firm’s weekly podcast and social media show – The Public Sector Marketing Show – is growing and it is also hosting the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit for the first time online in 2021 which feature global speakers from the frontline of government and public sector communications.


Coach of Excellence

I have been awarded the Coach of Excellence badge which verifies my work as a consultant and coach. As you know, I make sure that my credentials are both industry-leading and externally authenticated.

The sole aim of Coach of Excellence Accreditation is to promote personal, intellectual, and professional growth by coaches and consultants. It also ensures that Continuing Professional Development training coaches are masters in their art.

What is an expert anyway, and how do you know if you are being coached by one?

1. 10,000 hours of academic and practical experience every two years. I also teach what I practice, and I practice what I preach.

2. External verification and authentication by the CPD Standards Office, leaders in best-in-class education, and continuing professional development.


Best Online Social Media Training Provider

Digital Training Institute home to Public Sector Marketing Institute has been named Best Online Social Media Training Provider by 2021 Global 100, which is comprised of the world’s leading firms and individuals with votes from global readers in more than 163 countries.

The purpose of the Global 100 is to provide its readers with a complete picture of the world’s true global leaders within their areas of specialty. The unique process follows a very strict format of self-submission and third-party nomination, with the winners then shortlisted based on a highly comprehensive set of criteria. The judging process assesses:

  • > The strategic nature of work conducted
  • > The complexity of work conducted
  • > The scale of work conducted
  • > Whether it was done in a timely manner and within budget
  • > Any groundbreaking or innovative processes used


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