Best Niche Digital Marketing Agency Europe

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded Europe’s Best Niche Digital Marketing Agency.

The Digital Training Institute and our sub-brand Public Sector Marketing Institute were honoured by EU Business News.

We love to niche in our work!


Why we exist

The Digital Training Institute has a mission to elevate industry standards of digital communications and is pushing its vision globally. Thus, providing expert, accredited, and practical training to public sector professionals who are delivering and communicating public services on social media and digital platforms.

The Digital Training Institute provides exceptional training concerning digital marketing and social media, targeted towards government and the public sectors. As a result, the company is highly regarded within the industry due to its ability to design a series of bespoke accredited courses for these sectors. The organisation does this because it innately understands the market and that the public and private sectors differ significantly in digital marketing. Therefore, it creates courses that can be utilised by each section individually and adequately.


It's been a journey

CEO Joanne Sweeney began a journey identifying a gap within the market and did so by understanding the need to serve public sectors and government agencies within the digital age differently. In doing so, Joanne launched a sub-brand called Public Sector Marketing Institute. Joanna carries on from this point, stating, “While we were already working with the public sector at Digital Training Institute, we knew it was important to create a dedicated website and content suite that would speak to their needs.”

Joanne expands on this, adding:

 “This also resulted in a series of dedicated, accredited courses being designed and launched. Many digital marketing and social media courses available on the market are geared at businesses with sales as the ultimate conversion, and we knew this did not apply to the public sector. But with our knowledge and vast experience, we knew we could fill the gap and serve their digital educational needs at a very high standard.”


We stand out by creating our own accredited courses

Compared to its competitors or other companies in the sphere, The Digital Training Institute doesn’t offer traditional digital marketing or social media courses. Instead, it designs its training courses specifically to focus on the government and public sector. These are created with industry case studies from public sector peers that aid in developing frameworks that speaks to public interest messaging.

By doing this, The Digital Training Institute can differentiate itself from competitors and lead the industry with innovative solutions and groundbreaking developments that take relatively traditional ideas and forces them to become great. Joanna develops on this point, stating:

“We offer a unique service that attracts a global audience of students across national governments, local government, policing, politics, higher education, science, health, civil rights, and policy. Our work includes studies and reports of social media usage trends in Australia, USA, and Ireland, with the UK and mainland Europe, planned in 2022.”


Building trust and transparency online

Within the organisation, Joanne is a firm believer in trust and transparency, linkingthem as the essential priority within the digitalisation of modern society and is dedicated to ensuring that the company, The Digital Training Institute, is thoroughly instilled with these founding principles.

“In a world where disinformation is the norm online, it is vital to amplify public sector messaging and ensure staff are equipped with best-practice knowledge and skills, so they are savvy and strategic online, as trust is the number one currency in the digital age,” adds Joanne.

The Digital Training Institute is proudly accredited by the CPD Standards Office and renowned worldwide within 22 countries – a
global reputation that is taking the world by storm for its creative innovations in the digital marketing and social media training sector. Joanna closes the article with her final comments, stating, “The appetite for this type of training is strong, and the demand for our courses is ever-growing.”

Due to this, The Digital Training Institute launched three signature courses:


  • Professional Diplom in Digital Marketing for Government and Public Sector
  • Professional Diploma in Social Media for Government and Public Sector
  • Professional Certificate in Digital Crisis Communications


The overall goal for The Digital Training Institute is to continue surpassing industry standards and customer expectations, taking on the digital world one course at a time.

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