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The UK Business Books Awards have announced their shortlist and Public Sector Marketing Pro made it!

It's a real honour (and surprise) to be nominated for Best International Business Book. This was in fact the only category that I could enter my book as I'm not a UK-based business.

Writing Public Sector Marketing Pro was a real labour of love in 2018/2019. I'd write about 3,000 words every weekend and tap excitedly on my laptop to get the words down.

My goal is to improve the standard of digital communications in government across the world in the public interest. Fake news, interference in elections, mistrust in government and public sector along with citizen journalism are key challenges facing public sector marketing pros. So I wanted to write the definitive book to show communications and managerial staff how to approach PR and marketing in the Digital Age.

The Business Book Awards

The Business Book Awards highlights Leadership, Change and Sustainability in business through the promotion of Business Books and their authors, who share their industry knowledge, experience and expertise in published book form.

The 2020 awards ceremony takes place on Monday 23rd March where the winners will be announced.

The Judges

36 judges who are esteemed figures in publishing and book marketing had the difficult task of whittling down the 150+ entries to the shortlist.

Reaction Video

I was on the train from Dublin to Galway when my daughter checked the awards website and  I immediately recorded this 'reaction' video.

Best International Business Book Shortlist

I'm in good company in my category with a strong line-up for Best International Book.

Best International Business Book 2020 Shortlist


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