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Like every other part of society, the charity sector has been significantly impacted by the pandemic.

But how can they bounce back and what role does digital marketing play in digital fundraising and public engagement?

In this episode I take a closer look at the role of charity communications in a post-COVID world. 

  • > How to engage workplaces and the public in your charity events 
  • > How social media can do the leg work for you
  • > The role of your website and SEO
  • > I speak to the team at The Mark Pollock Trust ahead of their 2021 Virtual Run in the Dark event. CEO Paula Cunniffe shares their experience of charity marketing in a Post Covid world. 

So stay tuned, and let’s find out what tactics you can deploy for your next corporate social responsibility or charity event. 

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Joanne’s Column: Is Charity Enough To Get Attention?

There are close to 9,000 registered charities in Ireland – ranging from small community groups to organisations with an international footprint and global impact.

But the word charity can also attract lots of public scrutiny and a number of years ago, Ireland introduced new charity legislation and it saw the creation of the charity regulator. 

So, no matter how big or small your fundraising event is, you need to ensure your reputation management is front and centre of your strategy. 

So, let’s think about the role of communications in a Post Covid world. And let’s consider what questions you need to consider when mapping out a charity plan. 

  1. How does the public currently view our charity? 
  2. Why should the public or corporates choose us?
  3. Who is our ideal target audience (please do not say, everyone)
  4. What resources do we have to launch this campaign 
  5. How long will this campaign run for?
  6. What does success look like? What are our goals and key performance indicators?

Once you answer these questions, it’s time to move to your strategy. 

Consulting: The Real Battle Online is Attention and Connection

Now let’s get into how you can engage with your ideal audience ahead of your charity communications campaign. 

Align yourself with an audience that has had an experience with the ‘why’ of your charity. 

So for example, I have signed up for two charity events recently. 

Run in the Dark – I’ve been supporting this annual run for the past seven years because I value what running does for my mental health and Mark’s story really resonated with me and it inspires me to be grateful for my ability to get up, run, be independent. It also reminds me how fickle life is. 

ColdTober – for a local mental health charity in Galway. This aligned with me for a few reasons. I live by the sea and I value the sea for my own mental health. I also love a challenge and so it resonated with me. 

So what’s the story that resonates with your potential charity advocates? Master this and your digital marketing plan will come together. 

Your next step is to 

  • > Identify the core digital channels – where are your ideal audience?
  • > Pillar messaging – telling stories that will resonate
  • > Content formats – creating digital content in social video, engaging visuals and long-form video, audio and written format
  • > Customer journey – how will your potential advocates see you, engage with you, and then convert from interested to sign up. This is a digital funnel that automates your digital conversations with the aim of getting your conversion over the line. 
  • > Visibility and frequency is important in campaign mode so make sure you have an active content calendar
  • > Stories from other advocates also work.
  • > Measure and iterate as you go along to see what is working for you! All your questions will be answered in your data. 

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Mark Pollock Trust LinkedIn

Interview | Paula Cunniffe, CEO Mark Pollock Trust

In this episode, I speak to Paula Cunniffe. 

Paula says, “Everything I do is about harnessing the collective power of teams so that we achieve more together than we ever could on our own.” 

As CEO of Strive Management, Paula manages the global operations for Mark Pollock’s speaking business, as well as Run in the Dark, a global running series with 25,000 participants in 50 cities worldwide, and play a key role in supporting the formation of a global network to cure paralysis in our lifetime. through the Mark Pollock Trust.



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