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The Coach of Excellence Accreditation is important in the era of digital communication. I mean, anyone can say who they are on the Internet and fake authority.

For me, as a coach, consultant, trainer and author in this field, I always back up my statements of achievements with evidence, and I always recommend my clients and students do this too.

In this blog post I share the process of external validation and a bit of background on who I coach and my specialist areas.

Who validates your work?

The Coach of Excellence accreditation is run by the CPD Standards Office in the UK.

View my Coach of Excellence number here.


Methodology of Accreditation

The Coach of Excellence accreditation methodology is a unique process rooted in evidence-based research. Coaching is both an art and a science, and we have studied its practice and the markets for over a decade. There are many ingredients which make a great coach. Our assessment process examines the four key pillars of coaching, with the aim of enabling coaches to go an extra step towards excellence.

1. Presence

Your coaching practice

2. Impact

The client experience

3. Provision

Coaching portfolio and approach

4. Focus

Maintaining excellence

Blog Post (SATURDAY)


What areas do you coach in? 

I provide expert, accredited and practical training to public and private sector professionals who are delivering and communicating on social media and digital platforms. 

I am a three-time published author and award-winning podcaster and also produce annual industry reports on social media. 

We also provide the following services: 

  • > Strategy: Digital marketing, social media, digital communications, digital transformation 
  • > Training: Digital marketing, social media, crisis communications, strategic marketing planning, copywriting for the social web, public relations, and media preparation. 
  • > Consulting: Trouble-shooting organizational challenges around digital or traditional communications


What’s your expertise? 

I have been working in media and communications my entire career, spanning 22 years, from journalist to PR executive and media company CEO before starting my own business in 2008.  

I hold 11 academic and professional qualifications including a Master’s Degree in Journalism, a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and a Post-graduate Diploma in Public Relations along with an Honours Degree in English, Sociology and Politics.  

I am a self-published author of three books: 

  • > 2015 Social Media Under Investigation 
  • > 2018 Public Sector Marketing Pro 1st Edition  
  • > 2022 Public Sector Marketing Pro 2nd Edition  

I also produce eBooks which are a collection of case studies of how public sector use social media.  

I am the host of the Public Sector Marketing Show podcast, and at the time of writing, I have produced 80 episodes. In 2022 the podcast was honoured with Bronze in the Best Marketing Podcast at the Irish Podcast Awards. 

I speak on stages across the world at events and also within companies. To date, I have been a speaker for Meta, European Parliament, European Commission, Radio Days Europe and more. 

I am a trainer for Google’s Digital Academy delivering their advanced marketing workshops to clients across Europe and USA, in person and virtually.  


Who do you work with? 

I love to niche down in my work and have developed specialisms in two key areas 

  1. Government and public sector  
  1. Radio and media  

But I spent most of my career working with private sector also.  


Why should we choose you? 

If you want specialist training or consulting that helps transform skills, strategy and culture around communicating in the Digital Age, then I am a safe pair of hands. Most of my clients who find me (on the Internet), are surprised that there is a specialist in social media for government and public sector or radio. You see, going general on social tactics, anyone can do that, but doing deep on understanding your industry and audience requires years of research, practice and application. That’s what I bring.  

I am also a very open, transparent and engaging coach with a skilled listening ear (from my radio days) and so can deliver what you need, and what you need, but you don’t know you need it.  

I offer free Career Guidance calls so get in touch to set one up! 

Let’s connect on LinkedIn too.  


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