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Communicating Brexit with Clarity will Build Trust Among Citizens

The challenges posed by Brexit (deal or no-deal) should not interfere with the clarity and conciseness of your communications. Your public/s need to understand:

  • The impact of service changes
  • What they need to do
  • How they can find out all relevant information
  • User-friendly steps to take online (or offline) to be Brexit compliant

Fellow Marketer,

The implications of Brexit may fill you with dread, but if we have learned anything from this political exercise, it’s that the execution of a communications plan will sink you or save you.

Consider this: Only 10% of businesses have prepared for Brexit in Ireland. The public sector may be more prepared and you may feel there is only so much planning you can do until the full Brexit story unfolds.

However, you must consider how the public should be engaged by your department or organisation as a direct result of Brexit.  Are you targeting all Irish citizens, are they home or abroad, what about niche groupings and those in business?

There will be hearsay, rumour and let’s face it, fake news spinning across the world wide web, so it’s vital that you communicate with the OOP model in mind – online content that is optimised and promoted.

Bad actors that understand the Internet are rising to the top unfortunately so there is a responsibility on you to publish and promote the truth. #TruthMatters

People are Googling the Impact of Brexit on their personal, working and business lives.

Every day there are thousands of Brexit-related Google searches in Ireland.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 15.14.44

Are you there to answer their important questions?

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 15.15.14

There are also hundreds of Brexit-themed social media accounts.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 15.15.44

You are the authors of your own truth but it must be indexed on search engines to respond to the public’s insatiable appetite for information.


Communicating Brexit Masterclass and Consulting (we will help you create all content and digital assets)

two-day masterclass followed by 4-weeks of consulting support to help you implement your campaign (or have it ready for launch).

Day 1: The Plan

Your Brexit Communications Plan: The ACA Model (Audiences, Channels, Actions)

Telling your Brexit Story: How to simplify your message/s for better engagement

Pillar Content: Developing the concepts for long-form legacy content

Keyword Research: How to command Google and YouTube search rankings

User-Experience: Developing the audience journey of awareness, engagement and conversion

Day 2: Execution

Day two is all about implementing your Brexit Communications Plan using my 360 Digital Framework. We will ensure your messages are being targeted to the right audiences on the right channels using the right tactics.

Channels covered:

 Website / landing page

We will also scope out a mobile video and advertising plan.

4-Weeks Consulting Support

The follow-up consulting over 4-weeks will provide you with practical support you need back in the office.

How to Register and Plan Your Brexit Communications Plan

Dates: 16 & 17 October  |  Location: Sheraton Hotel, Athlone  |  Times: 10am-4.30pm

Investment: €1,950 + VAT

REGISTER YOUR PLACE NOW EMAIL JOANNE SWEENEY TO [email protected] or call 087 6237373. 


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