I love undertaking social media and digital marketing audits. Deep diving into the data and answering the questions my clients and students have about their online performance - from social media, to ads, video and content.

But in creating those audits, I often do a comparative analysis with similar organisations in that sector. 

This is when the mood dips and 'comparisonitis' sets in. 

So, in this episode, I want to talk more about why comparison kills creativity in digital marketing and why you should mind your own digital business to succeed online.

Coming up on the show:

  • > What does a competitor analysis tell you?
  • > Why setting your own goals will serve you better for growth online
  • > How to communicate your own success to your management team
  • > Steps to take to complete an audit and set goals
  • > I interview Jason Howley of Philomedia on understanding and using the insights from digital data

Deep diving into the data and answering the questions my clients and students have about their online performance - from social media, to ads, video, and content more broadly. | #PublicSectorMarketingShow #digitalmarketing #SocialMedia #SocialMediaTrendsClick To Tweet

Joanne’s Column: Why Comparison Kills Creativity

We all know that in life that comparing your progress to another can be a recipe for disaster. Especially, if you are benchmarking their supposed success to yours. Now in the world of social media and digital marketing, it's common and best practice to undertake competitor and comparative analysis. We do this mainly to establish a benchmark for online success.

In this week's column, I appeal to you to not fall into the trap of over-comparison and why a healthy approach is more about goal setting and benchmarking performance on available resources and prioritising.


Consulting: What You Are Trying To Find Out From A Comparative Analysis

A great social media and digital marketing consultant will first do an audit of your content, performance, and branding on your channels. This informs what's working and why things aren't working. It can go deeper and answer questions such as:

  • > Who is our content reaching?
  • > How is our content and messaging resonating?
  • > What are our monthly stats averages and are they meeting industry average or exceeding them?
  • > Why aren't we getting citizens moving from social media to our website?
  • > What content on our website is resonating most?
  • > What actions are our audience taking on our content online?

How often do you do a digital audit? Remember, we can help you if you need one.


In this episode, we hear from Jason Howley, CEO of Philomedia

We talk about data in social media and digital marketing, what data points are critical to online success and why, if you are not, deliberating and making decisions with data, then you are simply out of digital touch. 

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