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Digital marketing and social media causes huge overwhelm. I need to just call that out before we get started.

But stick with me as in this episode I’m going share my content marketing hacks which you can use to help you work smarter not harder. Design a seamless content plan without spending weeks on content creation. 

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Success online goes back to your ability to emotionally engage with an audience, so the secret sauce of social success is storytelling or content. 

Content repurposing is a method of starting with long-form content and recreating bite-size content for quick scrolling on news feeds. 

Coming up in Episode 16 of the Public Sector Marketing Show:

  • > What is content repurposing and why you should care
  • > A guide to content repurposing
  • > I interview Content10x founder and author Amy Woods who is the queen of content repurposing about her
  • > Get my content repurposing infographic to help you visualise and map your own plan

So if you need some content repurposing ideas, stay tuned!


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Joanne’s Column

What is content repurposing and why you should care

In today’s column, I want to introduce you to or expand your knowledge on content repurposing. 

Content marketing is one of my favourite topics. I really believe that with content and storytelling, that we can really make an impact in our area and really impact people. So what I’m going to give you in this episode is what content marketing looks like for government agencies.

Every public sector and government agency is sitting on so much expertise, knowledge, and valuable insights. Maybe not you specifically, but I mean within your organisation, everything that people need to know or should know or want to know is there. 

But often it just doesn’t get off the desk, off the screen or off the server, off the owner of that content, and really that’s what we want to try and do in this module, is to better understand how content in all its forms can really unleash a new momentum for communications within government and public sector. 

COVID is the best example, we’ve looked to our government agencies or health authorities, our leaders, our politicians for information. It’s like the only story in town most days and you have been agile and you have been able to respond. So it’s just about making that mainstream in your organization that people realize that digital is everyone’s responsibility and not just if you have a communications marketing or media word in your title, okay, everybody has a responsibility. 

So while social media generates great awareness and it’s at the top of the funnel, and we talk about social media a lot when we talk about digital communications, but really it’s only the beginning of the story.

It’s like the opening paragraph and or the opening statement or the opening monologue, no matter what type of storytelling genre you want me to go into. But really what we want to do is we want to use that bite-size content to bring people back to the full story. People are reading long-form content. I mean, it’s no accident that Google wants us to write 300 words minimum on a webpage. It’s because long-form content matters and people are searching every second of every day for information. 

So long form content comes in three forms:

  • > Video
  • > Audio
  • > Text

There’s a myth that long form content is dead and that people only want tweets and 240 characters and they want to link and that’s it. People are reading more and more information and according to Google by 10:00 AM in the morning, there are 1 billion searches on their platform in a world where we have seven and a half, 8 billion people right now. So people are spending more time and they’re more engaged with the content.

Long reads are really important and equally a long read can be a long lesson. This is why people are very interested in podcasts because podcasts go deep into a topic and you could follow podcasts based on your interest and your passions. So it’s time to park that myth and it’s time to ask yourself, where can our audience go for a long read or a long lesson, or if you’re presenting a video, the long watch? I think we got obsessed me included in creating short-form content and those social bites to get the reach, to get the clicks, to get the views. 

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A Guide to Content Repurposing  

In today’s show, I’m sharing 5 steps to content repurposing. 

But first, let’s establish what you are trying to achieve with this formula.

  1. Reaching citizens that matter to your right now, based on a campaign or key message
  2. Engage citizens on that message with interaction and conversation, feedback or funneling them to the last step which is  
  3. Taking action such as registering for a vaccine, attending a webinar, downloading a guide, or paying for a public service 

Step #1
Identify your long-form content – is it video, audio, or text?

Step #2
Be clear on the fundamental message of the content you are sharing 

Step #3
Decide on what formats you are going to repurpose your long-form content into 

Step #4
Start the process of repurposing – use your tools, apps, and software and optimise for each social network 

Step #5
Craft the hook copy to accompany the repurposed content

So what are some ways that Spaces could be leveraged?

  1. Public Feedback 
  2. Go Deep on a Topic 
  3. Disrupt Disinformation 
  4. Post Conference Conversation 
  5. Mini Seminar 
  6. Interview

Here’s how I repurpose this episode. 

My video show is the long-form content; it then becomes:

  • > 1 x Facebook Watch Show
  • > 1 x YouTube episode 
  • > 1 x podcast episode syndicated on all podcast platforms
  • > 2 x blog posts published on my website and as an article on my LinkedIn profile 
  • > 2 x 2-minute epic videos with a headline, sub-titles and branding shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and IGTV
  • > 6 x social graphics comprising a show title graphic, 3 x quote graphics, carousel, show preview graphic, and all of these graphics are optimised for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stories, and Instagram’s Grid 
  • > 1 x audiogram 
  • > 1 x e-zine 
  • > 4 x Stories to preview the episode

Here’s a visual representation of where it is shared online: (you can see this on the blog post associated with this episode if you are listing to the podcast).


Interview with Amy Woods

On today’s show, I’m joined by Amy Woods, founder, and author of Content 10x. Amy is also the host of the Content10X podcast and she share insights into how to increase the impact of your content online 10-fold.

Follow Amy on Twitter @Content10X


Content repurposing workflow infographic

Repurposing Workflow Infographic

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