How To Manage COVID-19 Digital Crisis Communications in Public Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has effectively put the world on pause, apart from a number of key sectors including healthcare, food manufacturing and retail along with policing and security.

However, one sector of society that has not shut down is our government and public sector agencies. The public are facing a crisis of compromised health, confidence and their financial and mental well-being.

Meanwhile, our healthcare services and national governments are dealing with a public health crisis not seen in our lifetime.

The World Has Changed for Citizens

So how does the rest of our public sector and government departments respond and what can they do? The first thing is to think about how this crisis is affecting the public?

Job losses across most industries

Schools, universities and further education centres closed

Public confidence to spend money reduced (apart from essential items)

Tourism stalled

Free movement of people halted

Social isolation and human separation

Increase in social media and Internet use

Increase in fake news

Increase in fear, anxiety and compromised mental health and well-being

Free movement of goods hindered

There is Only One Conversation Happening Right Now

Here are the most talked about topics around coronavirus and COVID-19 in Ireland right now. Can you see how important ‘communication’ is, in the word cloud below?


With no pharmaceutical intervention to stop, cure or vaccinate against the spread of this novel virus, we are left with the power of communication and the resolve and resilience of people.

So why aren’t people getting the message after solid weeks of daily updates from national health and governments?

The human race is imperfect, the messages will be lost amidst fake news and scaremongering and the opportunists will take advantage.

Leaders Take Action

Right now, more than ever before we need our governments and public sector to ACT ON the crisis and take ACTiON.

Register to Watch Free Webinar on Crisis Communications During COVID-19

Over a 100 public sector professionals have now watched this webinar and everyone has taken a least one big takeaway back to their day job.

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"It was a hugely reassuring session for me after the strangest week of my working life. I have felt completely at sea about my role in all of this. I felt that I had no place getting involved in public health messaging and no other place in lieu of that, because that's all that matters now."

"Thank you for hosting this webinar, we are so confused as to what action to take right now. This has provided so much clarity and reassurance."

"After the webinar, I feel much more confident about amplifying public health messages and bringing people together in these really challenging times."

"We didn't have a plan, but now we know what we need to do to speak to our public service users, really appreciate you delivering this webinar to all of us."

Are You Adapting To The New Normal?

The working lives of public sector staff have been disrupted and altered overnight. So we have been helping governmental, public sector and non-government agencies navigate this new landscape in a number of ways. Here's how.

Developing new internal communications processes with remote working as the new norm

Supporting internal press and communications teams with public-facing digital communications

Designing and delivering targeted training for individual agencies with a specific message

Producing content for websites and social networks

Providing training on software and apps

Providing digital crisis communications consulting

Building online citizen engagement pathways

60-Day Coaching & Consulting Programme

To help scale the support we can provide to government and public sector right now, we have developed a 60-day programme of support. All of this support will be provided virtually to teams in different locations around the world.

Weekly video call

Done-for-you consulting

Training in key areas of digital crisis communications

Ability to provide reports on digital data and insights

You design the agenda, based on your changing needs. We respond with expert advice and deliverables.

On-demand email support


€1500 +VAT for 60 days from the day you register.

Please note places on this coaching programme are limited


Joanne Sweeney will call you to discuss your immediate 60-day requirements. We understand that you probably don’t know what you need right now, but we will work with you to respond and to take action as required.

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Got additional questions or requirements? Email info@publicsectormarketingpros.com and we will call you to discuss.

Digital Crisis Communications Accredited CPD Certificate

This accredited Certificate is aimed at senior leaders, managers, communications and marketing professionals that need to confidently and competently communicate with citizens online.

COVID-19 Digital Asset Template Package

During COVID-19, you need to be able to respond proactively to your citizens online.

There’s been a surge in social and search queries.

I’m keeping on top of the online citizen trends as well as how Governments are reacting across the globe.

To help support you now to be responsive and agile we have created a suite of social media and digital assets which you can customise for yourself.

We have created these based on the top 10 conversations happening right now, we are also committed to updating them as required. So we will prompt you by email to use new content with based on new trends.

Our COVID-19 digital asset template package includes:


This will include 8 branded Canva templates covering the following themes/topics:

> What You Need to Know
> Our Community Response
> Public Health Messages
> We are Working From Home
> Follow Trusted Sources
> Access Free Resources
> How to Get in Touch
> Other

Each graphic will be supplied in five different sizes for posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Stories.


This will include 4 unique branded videos - 2 videos using text and imagery and 2 animated videos.

The videos will be supplied in 3 different sizes (square, vertical and horizontal) and the animated videos will be supplied in 1 size (horizontal).

The videos will not be directly editable, but any changes that are required can be requested and our design team will assist accordingly.

All videos will be supplied in .mp4 format.

Content Plan

This will include a suggested content calendar which your organisation can use to keep your COVID-19 digital crisis communications on track.

This will be supplied as a Canva template, which your communications team will be able to edit as required.

Cost for templates

€1500 +VAT

Email info@publicsectormarketingpros.com and we will call you to discuss your needs.

Social Media Audit

Do you want to understand how COVID-19 is affecting your social media performance?

Do you need to put a plan in place to respond to citizens?

How are your counterparts in the UK or US or in another agency in Ireland responding?

We can complete a social media audit and do a comparative analysis against another organisation based on content, performance and strategy.

The report includes recommendations on how you should move forward during this crisis period.

Cost for audit

€750 +VAT

Website Audit

Most people are now going to trusted websites to access real-time information around COVID-19.

Is your website one of them? Do you need to create a dedicated section for COVID-19?

This audit will answer these questions, and more, while providing recommendations on how you should move forward during this crisis period.

Cost for audit

€750 +VAT

Email info@publicsectormarketingpros.com and we will call you to discuss your needs.