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Right now, over 200 countries, thousands of national and federal governments and tens of thousands of public sector agencies are experiencing a global pandemic of novel coronavirus.

With no pharmaceutical intervention for COVID-19, it is vital that organisations prioritise crisis communications plans to ensure their citizens are informed, single sources of truth are identified and information is updated in real-time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has effectively put the world on pause, apart from a number of key sectors including healthcare, food manufacturing and retail along with policing and security.

However, one sector of society that has not shut down is our government and public sector agencies. The public are facing a crisis of compromised health, confidence and their financial and mental well-being.

Meanwhile, our healthcare services and national governments are dealing with a public health crisis not seen in our lifetime.

I have launched a special series on The Public Sector Marketing Show YouTube Channel series called COVID-19 Crisis Communications conversations. In these interviews, I ask political, government and public sector professionals about how they are navigating this new normal, from a communications perspective.


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