Certificate in Digital Crisis Communications

Accredited CPD Certificate

Right now, many countries, governments and public sector will be experiencing a pandemic for the first time.

This accredited Certificate is aimed at senior leaders, managers, communications and marketing professionals that need to confidently and competently communicate with citizens online. You are most likely working in government and public sector including non-governmental organisations or you may be an agency or freelancer supporting your client.

This Certificate is also suitable for agencies and departments not working directly in public health, as the pandemic’s impact is felt right across the public and NGO sector. Because there is no pharmaceutical intervention right now for COVID-19, it is critical that messaging around public health guidelines and other measures result in changed citizen behaviour.

Learning Outcomes

Define your role in this pandemic

How to be proactive not reactive with a plan

What to say and when to say

Activating your digital PR strategy

What digital channels and tactics to deploy

How to manage citizen conversations online

How to measure citizen engagement and behavior online

COST: €750


  • Each module requires 1 hour of learning
    Total estimated learning is 10 hours

Supplementary tutorial videos and resources such as templates and checklists are provided

Students are required to complete a Digital Crisis Communications Plan for accreditation purposes. A template plan is provided.

Accredited CPD Badge 2022-2024

This certificate is accredited by the CPD Standards Office in London

Certificate Modules

Module 1: Understanding Crisis Communications and Online Activity during a Pandemic

Module 2: Defining Your Role and Responsibilities during the Crisis

Module 3: How to Deepen Your Digital Footprint to Keep Citizens Informed

Module 4: How Social Listening Can Aid the Slowdown of Misinformation

Module 5: Mastering Digital PR and Live Press Conferences

Module 6: A Social Media Strategy for Pandemic Communications

Module 7: A Live Blog Strategy for Pandemic Communications

Module 8: A Community Management Plan for Pandemic Communications

Module 9: Essential Software, Apps & Tools for Crisis Digital Communications

Module 10: Reporting and Measurement of Digital-First Communications

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“This course is exceptional. Joanne is a rare find with her smarts, brilliance and masterful communication. Her approach is unique - providing you with priceless insights, practical skills, actionable takeaways, ideas and inspiration. This course delivers the absolute best-in-class knowledge of crisis communication available on the market. What a valuable resource for any communications professional! Highly recommended. Brilliant. Inspiring. Unparalleled.” - Natalia Elster, Vancouver

“Joanne’s knowledge and attention to detail was second to none. The course was delivered very well. It seemed like we touched on so much information yet instilled a want for more. Definitely thought-provoking.”

“The strength of this certificate is that it provides a well-rounded course that is accessible to people who have never done a course in this before, or those who have been doing it daily. Everyone learns something valuable that they can use.”

“I appreciated the flexibility of watching live or catching up as well Joanne's way of presenting and breaking down the information covered. The Q&A throughout makes it interactive.”

“The greatest strength of this certificate is Joanne’s in-depth knowledge and experience as a communications and digital professional, the relaxed yet professional environment it is delivered in, and the value of the information provided not only in the classroom, but outside of that with the Dropbox and the communications plan.”

“The course was practical, and learning could be applied immediately. The template allows a stepped approach to pulling together a digital communications plan and the online sessions allow good interaction between peers.”

“Joanne is very enthusiastic and passionate about the subject matter she presents. She clearly knows her subject matter very well and is an excellent communicator.”

“I can recommend this Digital Crisis Communications certificate to those wrestling with social media communication in these uncertain times. Joanne delivers the learning in a practical way and it is immediately applicable in the workplace.”

“Joanne is a true professional who really wants public sector marketing to be the best it can be. She acknowledges we are different from private sector and adapts her recommendations so they will work for our business.”

“Joanne's presentation and handouts for this course touches everyone interested in the digital communications sector - you don't have to be in communications directly. I've learned so much over the last two weeks and hope to develop on this in the near future.”