Culture eats strategy for lunch.

But what does it mean when there is a mindset of unwillingness to transform traditional comms to digital comms?

It means it will slow you down but also unravel a great strategy. 

In today’s episode I’ll share my thoughts on:

  • > Why culture is critical to successful digital comms 
  • > The 7S Approach To Embedding a Culture of Digital Communications Transformation  
  • > I interview Charlie Boyle, CEO of Customer Service Excellence Ireland (CSEI) which specializes on customer experience.

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Joanne’s Column: Why Culture is Critical to Successful Digital Comms

I can write your social media or digital marketing strategy. 

I can train your staff and design a bespoke training programme for your organisation. 

I can even develop your content and publish it. 

But if there isn’t a shared vision for digital communications especially within the comms team, then all of that work is simply academic. 

Culture matters because it means a team is:

  • > Invested in digital comms
  • > Understand the value 
  • > Appreciate the changing nature of the landscape
  • > Willing to learn
  • > Accepting of it feeling uncomfortable 
  • > Supportive of colleagues as they build competencies and confidence
  • > Willing to get it wrong to get it right 

How would you describe the culture in your organisation towards digital communicatiosn transformation?

Consulting: 7S Approach To Embedding a Culture of Digital Communications Transformation

Change is challenging. Digital communications transformation is not easy, but it is worth it. 

The 7S approach to transformation within an organisation can be applied to communications change. 

#1 Shared values 

#2 Strategy

#3 Systems

#4 Structure 

#5 Staff

#6 Skills 

#7 Style  


In this episode we hear from Customer Experience expert Charlie Boyle. 

Charlie is CEO of Customer Service Excellence Ireland (CSEI) which he founded in 2014. For the previous 14 years, Charlie worked on various Operational projects in the UK including several successful Pub groups, Marriott Hotel Group, Chelsea FC, and the London Olympic games. He holds a Masters in Leadership and Innovation and studied Consumer Behaviour at Ulster University. All of his studies are focused on customer experience.

Charlie currently works with over 20 leading UK and Irish companies in creating relevant and impactful business, leadership and customer experience programmes. These include Retail Ireland, Failte Ireland, Volkswagen, Credit Unions, UK Group of Shopping Centres, Heineken, and others. His work takes him into other sectors such as Civil Engineering and he has worked closely with Tipperary County Council which saw them achieve a Customer Service Excellence recognition with Chambers Ireland. 

Charlie worked on the creation of the new generation Apprenticeship in Sales with the Educational Training Board of Ireland. This was launched in 2020. Charlie is heading up the ambitious Failte Ireland ‘The Welcome Way’ a programme positioned to make Ireland the global leader in visitor experience.

Charlie is the Irish adjudicator in the Customer Centricity World Series which sees entries from names such as Google, SAP, KPMG, and others. 

Charlie believes in the concept of ‘Internal Customer Service’ otherwise known as company culture, where all outcomes are as a result of that important culture. 

Connect with Charlie on LinkedIn.



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