Do you feel out of your depth when it comes to digital communications in public sector? Or do you need to upskill this year? In this blog post we set out how we can help you.

Over the past three years we have dedicated so much of our time investigating the key learning objectives of professionals working in Government and public sector agencies. Based on this research we have created a suite of knowledge products - courses, masterclasses, live trainings, consulting and a membership - so that you can choose how to study with us.


How to study with public sector marketing Institute

Social Media Done For You

Are you struggling to write your agency's social media strategy?

Would you like a template plan?

We have produced social media in a box for public sector pros. Impress your line manager and save hours, days or even weeks with our suite of social media resources.


Social Media Done For You

Does this sound like you?

"I’m running out of ideas for our social media channels"

"I want to be inspired to take our social media to the next level but I don’t know where to start"

"I don’t know how to audit our social media channels"

"I spend hours searching Google for a social media strategy template"

"All the free resources I find are more relevant to business and not public sector"

"I don’t have a team, it’s just me and I need to save time but maintain quality"

What's Included in Social Media Done For You?

  • Template social media strategy
  • Template social media campaign plan
  • Social media policy template
  • 12-month social media content calendar template
  • Social media branded templates graphics suite (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog, Stories, Reels, Cover Photos)
  • Template animation and video templates
  • And more!


Social Media Bootcamp

Master the Tactics That Will Maximise Social Media Reach

Are you baffled by the speed of social media change? Would you like to learn 10 tactics from each of the core social networks that will have an impact right away?
Why not join this live group coaching programme and improve your competency on social media while gaining confidence.

Find out how to maximise reach with a solid plan.

Uncover the tactics that will get you the best return.

Lean into new features and perfect old ones.

Bring the personal to the professional and build authority.

Demystify this mobile video social network and learn the language and features.


Digital Communications Skills Membership Academy


Join our Membership Academy
Get on-the-job digital and social media support from me and a network of your peers. Practical masterclasses and insights to help you progress in your career.


I know what your challenges are because your peers tell me


Overwhelmed by the speed of social media updates


Feel behind in the world of digital marketing


Don’t have the time to invest in a long-term course


Limited budget for training and continuing professional development


Not sure how to transform from traditional to agile digital communications


Need for value for money


Recognition of training and skills


COVID-19 has disrupted how we communicate


Most courses teach digital marketing and social media for business and not centred on public interest messaging and citizen engagement

My mission is to serve you, so I've created a solution

The Academy gives you 12-month access to everything that you need to build up your digital marketing and social media skills, knowledge and know-how.


Take An Accredited Course

1. Certificate in Digital Crisis Communications for Government & Public Sector

2. Professional Diploma in Social Media for Government & Public Sector

3. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing for Government & Public Sector



1-2-1 Strategy, Training & Project Management

Hire Joanne to write your strategy and train your team, or to become part of your team on a specific project.

Digital Skills Academy for your Organisation

Would you like us to build a dedicated digital marketing and social media training portal for your organisation? We can do this for you.

Set up a Call with Joanne

Simply click here and book a 30-minute no-obligation consultation with me to discuss your training needs.

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