Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing for Government & Pubic Sector

Do you want to improve your digital and social media skills to help you in your role within a public sector or Government agency?

Are you ambitious and seeking promotion? Do you feel left behind in the Digital Age?

When searching for a digital marketing course, do you feel most are targeted at private companies and not relevant to your work?

This course will transform your skills, knowledge, confidence and career.

Hello fellow marketing pro!

I’ve created the Public Sector Marketing Pros community and the Professional Digital Marketing Diploma especially for you.

I work with marketing and communications professionals in public sector on a daily basis and they retain me for my expert knowledge and skills. It always bothered me that when my job was done, I was removing that value from the organisation. So, I decided to create a solution!

You must be the digital marketing pro in your office, department or organisation. You can achieve this by working alongside me for 12 months. You will benefit from my journalism, PR, political, social media and digital marketing expertise. Here’s what you can expect from this unique programme.

Searching for a solution?

You don’t feel equipped to take your team to the next level of digital transformation. Your digital confidence is low but you are hungry to learn and progress in your career. The hundreds of programmes and courses online are not relevant to your work and you are frustrated.

This landing page is where your search stops.

You have arrived to where you need to be! I will take you to the next level and in 12 months you will be an expert in digital communications for public sector. Leverage your existing knowledge, add your public sector experience, sprinkle with digital skills, and that's the recipe for career success.

What Public Sector Pros say:

I asked a group of Public Sector Marketing Pros a series of questions about digital skills and knowledge.

Here’s what they said:
  • 61% are currently engaged in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • 41% said they are willing to dedicate between 2-5 hours per month on professional learning
  • 87% said digital skills are vital to their career progression
  • 32% rated their digital skills as average

What will I learn?

The content developed for public sector marketing pros is relevant to your work. It puts a laser sharp focus on public interest messaging, online reputation and influencing public opinion. You will also become an expert in all of the social networks.

Here are just some of the topics you can expect to become expert in.



Leadership in Digital Communication Strategy

Transformation begins with buy-in from decision-makers. In this module you will learn how to lead from the front in your organisation, be influential in digital transformation and understand astutely how and why consumer behaviour has changed so dramatically that the power now lies in the hands of citizens. This is a crucial module to frame your thinking and actions over the next 12 months. It also covers the elements required for a skilled communicator in the Digital Age as well as the framework for a digital communications plan.

On completion of this module you will understand why digital transformation is necessary and how to be an influential voice in your organisation to make it happen.


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How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for a Government Agency

Leveraging the power of the social networks to engage your audiences will set your organisation up for success. Social media also supports the public’s demand to know, like and trust those public service providers and Government agencies. Embracing social media as a core communications method with best practice approaches and organisational policies is vital. On completion of this module you will have a rounded view of how to approach social media before deep diving into platform specific strategies.


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Managing a Government Crisis on Social Media

How to take control of a PR crisis that escalates online requires a specialised skill-set. Tapping into my journalism and public relations skills I have developed my own digital PR crisis management framework which I will share with you in this module, and which you can tailor for your own organisation.

From predicting a crisis, to having a crisis communications team, reacting, responding and taking control of the crisis to managing negative commentary on social media. On completion of this module you will have a framework on how to deal with a digital crisis for your organisation.


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How Government Agencies Can Influence Public Opinion Using Social Media

Leveraging social media to change public opinion on matters of critical public interest is a skill that I consult on frequently with my public sector clients. Your big goal online is to reassure and convince the public that your work is of value, that your communications is open and transparent and that the course of action you are taking on particular matters, campaigns or issues are done with public interest at the heart of every step. This can be a challenging task given the noise and veracity of public commentary online.

On completion of this module you will have valuable tactics to build confidence in your own organisation’s ability to engage and win support from an informed public.


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Content Marketing for Government Agencies

Mastering digital content creation with this 12-step blueprint will remove overwhelm and frustration. Content marketing is probably one of the most important digital tactics that public sector and Government agencies need to employ on a daily basis. Apart from citizens expecting information online immediately, you are also competing with private sector and other interests for eye-balls. This leads to your own credibility and reliability among the public at a reduced level as they go elsewhere to get information that you should be providing.

Your voice is diminished once they click on a ‘competitor’ site. On completion of this module you will have a roadmap to bring citizens from awareness to advocacy through a funnel using content.


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Digital Storytelling Techniques

How to plan and implement informative and engaging campaigns using multi-media content feels like a mammoth task, but it doesn’t have to be with my blueprint. Digital storytelling keeps evolving in the Digital Age and your challenge now is to re-wire your thinking on the language you use, the level of information you provide and how you speak to citizens. On completion of this module, you will know how to maximise storytelling on your website, through video, in email and on each social network.


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Moving from Traditional Public Relations to Agile Digital Communications

How to be build an agile communications team in a 24/7 news cycle is not only a necessity but also a given. You cannot wait for the morning radio show to give you a slot, or get your press release into tomorrow’s paper by 6pm the previous evening. News is now. Tomorrow is too late. This module puts a sharp focus on the media, communications and press teams and how they need to be digitally agile to control the news narrative and be responsive when it’s demanded off them. On completion of this module you will be able to integrate digital tactics into good PR practice effectively.


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How to Integrate Social and Live Video into Public Sector Communications

Tactics to go front of screen to engage citizens and shape public opinion will serve you well in your ever-evolving digital communications strategy. I will provide blueprints for each digital channel so that you understand why, how and when you need to show up on video.

So whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, IGTV or YouTube, you will learn how to use each platform depending on your communication goal. On completion of this modules you will have a plan for social and live video for your organisation, a really useful skill in your digital toolbox.


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The Role of Mobile in Public Sector Communications

Why having a mobile-first mindset will help you reach the smartphone generation and also a rural population. The smartphone is 10 years old, however it’s impact on communications cannot be over-stated.

In this module we will focus on how you can use mobile for your own communications but also how user experience (UX) is a key factor in the public engaging with you. On completion of this module you will be clear on UX best practice for mobile and how to maximise the potential of mobile in your digital communications.


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How to Measure Success in Digital Communications

Understanding metrics that matter to public sector marketers will determine how you measure success. After all, what is point of all our digital communications efforts if we are not measuring them against our goals and KPIs. In this module, you will learn how to measure success on your website, in your email marketing efforts, on each social network and against organisational goals.

This module is critical to digital transformation and empowering digital champions within public sector and Government agencies to win the support of their peers and senior leadership. It will also inform you when you need to iterate what you are doing online. On completion of this module you will be clear on what metrics matter to your organisation based on your digital communications activities and you will be able to measure success, or otherwise, as a result.


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Redefining Communications Roles and Work Practices in the Digital Age

In this module you will learn how to introduce digital communications seamlessly into work plans. Let’s face it, many communications or marketing job descriptions are out of date. The role you or a colleague may have been hired for has probably changed dramatically, even in the last two years. In this module we also look at how work practices need to change in order to get efficiency and scale digital within your organisation.

Remember, digital is everyone’s responsibility but if the communications department don’t lead then you are in reverse mode. On completion of this module you will have a greater understanding of digital communications work practices and how to alter work flows for better outcomes.


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Your Digital Toolbox

The social media and digital marketing tools you need to improve the efficiency
and effectiveness of your work will be the focus of this module. You will get a series of tools that will help you scale and implement your digital communications from your smartphone, among a team and if working on your own.

These tools have been tried and tested by me and we will provide tutorials where required. The most remarkable thing about being a marketer in the Digital Age is that we can fast-track and get better accuracy and results with marketing automation and creative apps. On completion of this module you will have a suite of digital tools and software to help you implement and manage digital communications more effectively in your organisation.

Bonus Modules

1. Social network specific tutorials (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google+)
You will learn the new trends and features within each of the core social networks and be comfortable in developing mini-social media strategies for your organisation. On completion of the social network specific modules you will understand their current and core features and how best to leverage them for success.

2. Social advertising
Become a skilled Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn advertiser in this module. On completion of the social network specific advertising modules you will understand how to launch a social advertising campaign and measure results.

3. SEO
Search engine optimisation needn’t be scary at all. In this bonus module I provide a tutorial video on how to use an SEO tool and also how to undertake keyword research. I also share key tips on off-page and on-page SEO. On completion of this module you will know how to optimise your landing page and define long-tail keywords.

4. Email marketing
Email conversion rates remain impressive and it’s still one of the highest ways to convert online. You don’t have to be selling a product or a service to engage with your audience via email. It’s an acceptable and powerful form of communications that you should have as an integral part of your digital communications plan. On completion of this module you will be able to launch or re-design email marketing within your department or organisation.

5. Google Analytics
Understand how to navigate and interpret Google Analytics for your organisation. On completion of this module you will understand how to use this data to inform your strategy and measure success.

6. Google PPC
A dive into the world of Google’s pay per click advertising model. On completion of this module you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully set up and launch a PPC campaign and monitor its success.

Post Diploma

When you complete the Diploma, you are ready for new and exciting professional opportunities such as:

Go for promotion

Seek new job opportunities

Become a public sector digital communications consultant

Become a public sector digital expert speaker

Conduct media interviews

“Joanne worked with us for nine months on developing our social media strategy, policies and protocols and advising on tools and software. She became an integral part of our team and provided valuable insights and ideas for new ways of working. She also developed and delivered a training and mentoring programme for our senior leadership team and designed and delivered two workshops for our press team. Joanne is professional, reliable and brings new knowledge to public sector organisations.”

Emma Finn, Head of Digital, HSE, Ireland’s national health service

The digital strategy developed by Joanne has improved internal and external communications. AGSI is recognised within the Garda organisation as having the most current and accurate information available. Our contributions to external stakeholders are also more professionally delivered.

John Jacob, General Secretary, Association of Garda Sergeants & Inspectors, Irish Police Force

“Great energy. Does not scare easily. Enjoys a challenge. Extremely determined and insanely professional. Gives 110% to every project. Highly recommended to anyone in search for a different approach and new PR and marketing ideas tailored to ones needs.”

Eugene Sandu, Press Officer, EPP Group, EU Parliament

“I would highly recommend Joanne Sweeney's digital training services to anyone working in communications in the public sector.  My colleagues and I have been fortunate enough to complete various training programmes with Joanne covering Social Media Strategy for Communications Professionals. 

Joanne’s approach is extremely practical, easy to follow and to-the-point. Her gregarious, approachable nature means everyone from basic to advanced users will take away valuable skills from her training courses. Her enthusiasm and positivity also inspired a willingness amongst those present to practice everything we learned and commit to better social engagement. 

Joanne’s incredible depth of expertise means she can tailor training courses to suit each individual or each firm’s needs whether that involves a complete “how-to” on one platform or a more advanced marketing training for Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. We found her session on How to Beat the Facebook Algorithm and Achieve Organic Reach especially insightful as Joanne has the ability to break down very complex technical information into concise, digestible tips. 

The training I have completed with Joanne is simply the best training I have ever done. Joanne empowers people to embrace social in the most efficient, strategic way according to their goals.”

Cliona Connolly, Press Officer, EPP Group, EU Parliament

Professionalism from the start was above and beyond what I've experienced before. The thought process behind the speakers and audience interaction was incredible. I’ve spoken at many events over the years, and I can assure you, the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit content and execution was above the rest. "

Lisa Smith, EngageSmith Consulting

Diploma Structure

All learning takes place in our online Learning Hub.

Replays of videos will be available for the duration of the Diploma.

There will be supporting resources to aid your learning - templates and how-to videos.

All modules are delivered by video with audio and transcripts available.

On completion of the course and submission of your assignment you will be invited to a virtual graduation and receive your accredited certification.

Online mentoring and support is provided throughout the programme.

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Course Accreditation

CPD Activity Badge

This course is accredited by the CPD Standards Office in London and recognised in 22 countries worldwide.

Upon successful completion of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing for Government & Public Sector course modules and assignment, you will become a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist of the Public Sector Marketing Institute (PSMI). The PSMI is globally recognised as the leader in digital marketing topics for government and public sector with courses designed and developed by practising digital marketing professionals and subject matter experts in local, national and international government, politics, public affairs and public policy.

Innovation & Added Value

Working with us Joanne will give you confidence and clarity around digital transformation

Joanne delivers best in class knowledge, tactics and advice

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A whole host of ‘how-to’ tutorial videos, templates and guides that you can use immediately in your workplace

Be known within your organisation and sector as the digital communications expert

One place to find out everything you need to know about new social media trends

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