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Module 7

Moving from Traditional Public Relations Techniques to Agile Digital Communications

Do you want to improve your digital and social media skills to help you in your role within a public sector or Government agency?

Are you ambitious and seeking promotion? Do you feel left behind in the Digital Age?

When searching for a Social Media course, do you feel most are targeted at private companies and not relevant to your work?

Hello fellow marketing pro!

I’ve created the Public Sector Marketing Pros community and the Digital Communications Diploma especially for you.

Digital Transformation requires a cohesive organisation wide approach. Embracing digital will change how you communicate and how your audience sees you, so as a public sector organisation you need to adapt quickly, learn new skills and stay ahead of the curve.

In this module you will learn how to lead from the front in your organisation, be influential in digital transformation and creating understanding on the pivotal role of digital in this digital age. 

This module will help you begin the process to adopting digital on the right foot, while also providing valuable information on the elements required for a skilled communicator as well as the framework for a digital communications plan.

This month-long module provides a workbook, case studies, research, and facts to help showcase the role of digital for today's public sector, and a CPD accreditation.

What Public Sector Marketing Pros say:

I asked a group of Public Sector Marketing Pros a series of questions about digital skills and knowledge.

Here’s what they said:
  • 61% are currently engaged in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • 41% said they are willing to dedicate between 2-5 hours per month on professional learning
  • 87% said digital skills are vital to their career progression
  • 32% rated their digital skills as average

Learning Outcomes


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What is digital transformation for public sector marketing Pros?



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How has consumer behaviour changed in the Digital Age?



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What is the role of leadership in digital transformation for the public sector?



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Skills required for a Digital Age Public sector marketing pro



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A digital communications framework for your public sector organisation.

Learning Resources

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Welcome video setting expectations: learner input and learning outcomes
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Public Sector Marketing Pros Forum
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60-Minute video tutorial
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PowerPoint presentations
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Transcript of video tutorial
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Audio of video tutorial

“Joanne worked with us for nine months on developing our social media strategy, policies and protocols and advising on tools and software. She became an integral part of our team and provided valuable insights and ideas for new ways of working. She also developed and delivered a training and mentoring programme for our senior leadership team and designed and delivered two workshops for our press team. Joanne is professional, reliable and brings new knowledge to public sector organisations.”

Emma Finn, Head of Digital, HSE, Ireland’s national health service

The digital strategy developed by Joanne has improved internal and external communications. AGSI is recognised within the Garda organisation as having the most current and accurate information available. Our contributions to external stakeholders are also more professionally delivered.

John Jacob, General Secretary, Association of Garda Sergeants & Inspectors, Irish Police Force

“Great energy. Does not scare easily. Enjoys a challenge. Extremely determined and insanely professional. Gives 110% to every project. Highly recommended to anyone in search for a different approach and new PR and marketing ideas tailored to ones needs.”

Eugene Sandu, Press Officer, EPP Group, EU Parliament

“I would highly recommend Joanne Sweeney Burke’s digital training services to anyone working in communications in the public sector.  My colleagues and I have been fortunate enough to complete various training programmes with Joanne covering Social Media Strategy for Communications Professionals. 

Joanne’s approach is extremely practical, easy to follow and to-the-point. Her gregarious, approachable nature means everyone from basic to advanced users will take away valuable skills from her training courses. Her enthusiasm and positivity also inspired a willingness amongst those present to practice everything we learned and commit to better social engagement. 

Joanne’s incredible depth of expertise means she can tailor training courses to suit each individual or each firm’s needs whether that involves a complete “how-to” on one platform or a more advanced marketing training for Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. We found her session on How to Beat the Facebook Algorithm and Achieve Organic Reach especially insightful as Joanne has the ability to break down very complex technical information into concise, digestible tips. 

The training I have completed with Joanne is simply the best training I have ever done. Joanne empowers people to embrace social in the most efficient, strategic way according to their goals.”

Cliona Connolly, Press Officer, EPP Group, EU Parliament

Professionalism from the start was above and beyond what I've experienced before. The thought process behind the speakers and audience interaction was incredible. I’ve spoken at many events over the years, and I can assure you, the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit content and execution was above the rest. "

Lisa Smith, EngageSmith Consulting

Post Diploma

When you complete this course, you are ready for new and exciting professional opportunities such as:
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Go for promotion
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Seek new job opportunities
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Become a public sector digital communications consultant
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Share your knowledge online in a blog, videos or social media posts
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Become a public sector Social Media expert speaker

Innovation & Added Value

Working with us Joanne will give you confidence and clarity around digital transformation

Joanne delivers best in class knowledge, tactics and advice 

Learn with like-minded public sector marketing pros and feel understood in this community

A whole host of ‘how-to’ tutorial videos, templates and guides that you can use immediately in your workplace 

Be known within your organisation and sector as the digital communications expert 

One place to find out everything you need to know about new social media trends 

Module 7

Moving from Traditional Public Relations Techniques to Agile Digital Communications

Investment of €295 (23% VAT included)

Pay Online Or By Bacs

Expert Guests

We have a line-up of digital experts already signed up to provide guest masterclasses to our Diploma students.
Melonie Dodaro, LinkedIn 

Best-selling author, Melonie has earned a global reputation as a no-nonsense speaker, trainer and author in the field of LinkedIn and social engagement. She will share her winning formula —step by step — to convert strangers into connections and advocates while building trust, authority and credibility. Melonie will help you perfect your LinkedIn profile, using the platform for  recruitment, brand advcoacy or personal profiling.

Chris A
Chris Adamczyk, Emergency Response Management

Chris is a 17-year law enforcement veteran from Arizona. Chris integrates real-time social media with criminal investigations and natural disaster response. He's developed a framework to use social media in a variety of emergency situations such as terrorist attacks, crowd control, shootings and weather events. Access his world-class framework with this Diploma.

Aileen O'Meara, Mobile Video

A former RTÉ journalist, Aileen delivers an engaging, practical and easy-to-follow module on mobile video storytelling. Learn how to shoot, edit and publish video from your mobile phone. Aileen will help you overcome the fear of video, how to go front of screen and create stories that engage, inform and influence.