Episode 23 – How to Increase Facebook Organic Reach

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The Facebook dilemma over organic reach is one that really challenges marketers. Is it still relevant and what do we do about the organic reach problem on the platform?

Coming up in Episode 23 of the Public Sector Marketing Show:

  • > The role of Facebook in Public Sector Marketing in 2021
  • > How to increase organic reach
  • > We’ve got our first subscriber question for the consulting segment
  • > I interview Caitlin Jinks, a Public Sector social media specialist from Adelaide, who ran a policing Facebook Page with over one million followers


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Joanne’s Column

Is Facebook Still Relevant in 2021?

Facebook might feel old, but it still has an important role to play in public sector and government communications. It’s where a majority of your citizens are (but please check the stats for your country here) and can provide a really useful local information service.

But where does it compared to the rising influence of TikTok and Instagram?

In today’s column, I’m going to share how to increase organic reach and what you steps you should take to shake-up your content. 

Firstly, I want to go through what’s new with Facebook, apart from it becoming a trillion dollar company last month. That in itself tells us that it’s still a social media heavy hitter! It also still has the most monthly active users of any rival at 2.8 billion. 

  • > Business Suite for ease of management: have you downloaded the app yet? It’s a central hub for your Facebook and even Instagram marketing. From Business Suite you can: schedule and post Stories to both Facebook and Instagram
    • > edit scheduled posts
    • > create, edit, and manage albums
    • > save posts in a draft mode
  • > Reels in Facebook News Feed 
  • > New Audio Rooms
  • > New Podcast In-Stream Playing 
  • > Ecommerce push with WhatsApp Ads, AR ads, and Shops in Marketplace: what this means for Public Sector Marketing Pros is that the attention of Facebook users may be greater with these new feature introductions

Test and review with these tactics over 60 days. 

  1. Mix up your post formats – web link, photo album, video, Livestream 
  2. Go live and be authentic – show up as yourself and have a conversational tone 
  3. Use people in your photos –  people connect with people 
  4. Find your best time to post – review your analytics
  5. Write posts with engagement in mind – prompt a response
  6. Write just like me posts – make your audience feel that your content is relevant 
  7. Competitions work – but abide by Facebook’s rules
  8. Repurpose long-form content – using data from your website e.g. most viewed pages, most searched terms 
  9. Get verified on Facebook – and be a trusted source of information 
  10. Ask your followers to turn on notifications – so they never miss an update!
  11. Optimize your link posts – so featured images, title and description are visible on Facebook News Feed 
  12. UGC (user-generated content) campaign – let your followers be the stars! 


How Can We Leverage Facebook Check-Ins

In this week’s show and for the first time, we have a listener question. Noirin from Galway Atlanticquaria and the Explorer’s Education Programme wants to know if and how she can leverage Check-Ins on their Facebook Page. 

Here’s my answer!

Interview with Caitlin Jinkins, Public Sector Social Media Specialist in Adelaide, Australia

On today’s show I’m joined by Caitlin Jinks a social media and communications specialist based in Adelaide, Australia. She’s previously worked for WIN Television, BuzzFeed and the South Australia Police media team. 

She also used to run the New South Wales Police Force social media accounts (with 1million+ followers) before making the move to Adelaide, where she lives with her dog Norma and spends too much time online. ☺ 

Connect with Caitlin on social media.


Make the most of Facebook for Public Sector Marketing – read our blog post

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