Virtual Graduation for Public Sector Digital Marketing Course Students

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This week over 50 professionals from across Europe graduated in one of our three public sector digital marketing courses.

Public Sector Digital Marketing Courses

In recognition of their achievements we hosted a virtual graduation (due to COVID-19 public health restrictions) and emphasised the importance of public sector digital marketing courses.

My core message as lead trainer at Public Sector Marketing Institute was:

Today more than ever we need, not only the vision and commitment, but we need the know-how and skills, critical thinking and internal transformation of our governments and public sector. So, that’s why my friends, your work and your commitment to digital communications transformation is so important.  So thank you for standing in the Digital Age with the courage of your conviction. You must go forth and influence up, across and around your organisation to ensure that digital communications becomes the mindset, culture and direction of your teams going forward.


Digital communications lessons from COVID-19

The last 12 weeks of COVID-19 lockdown has shown us how and why we need better public engagement online.  A global pandemic forced digital communication transformation, but it also displayed how it can both save and change lives. So we produced this video to highlight the role digital communications is playing during the global pandemic in the absence of medical intervention.



Words of inspiration from the World Health Organisation

The commencement address was delivered by Aleksandra Kuzmnovic, Social Media Manager with the World Health Organisation was really inspiring.
Joining us live from Geneva, she said:
Besides my congratulations, I’m happy to have more colleagues joining this world and the digital communications in public sector. I think we collectively have a great opportunity to bring good to the world, and to ensure that we are using digital tools, maximise the power of digital tools to inform public on different issues that we are working on. I think we also carry a big responsibility to do the right thing and to communicate right things in a right way. 

Professional recognition for public sector digital marketing courses

All our public sector digital marketing courses are externally verified and accredited by the CPD Standards Office. Joining our virtual graduation was their Director Amanda Rosewarne. She emphasised the importance of quality education in the digital age.

There’s so many courses now on the web, there’s been an absolute boom in online learning during COVID. It’s so easy to write a course and put it online. We could all get together now and just create a course and put it on a website in the next two hours. Having the external verification just shows that your course really is of a good standard and it’s relevant. You’re not going to be ripped off. It’s not any sort of scam or anything like that. The online learning boom is definitely happening at the moment. Especially as everybody’s all in lockdown and self-isolating, it’s become the new Facebook this year. Online learning is definitely popular.



Would you like to study with us?

Take one of our three accredited programmes. Find out more about each one by clicking on the relevant link below.

CPD Activity Badge Virtual Graduation
Accredited digital marketing courses

We also used the opportunity to launch our new Professional Diploma in Social Media, find out more as I talk to May King Tsang about why it will help public sector pros!


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