How Government Agencies Can Buck Social Media Trends

Thumbnail How Government Agencies Can Buck Social Media Trends

In this blog I’m going to share my secrets into how government and public sector agencies can buck social media trends. 


First of all let me start by telling you what engagement rates you should be aiming for on each of the main social networks. 

On Facebook, if you’re achieving a one percent engagement rate, you are doing really well.

Jumping over to Instagram you can expect to achieve up to three percent. 

On Twitter, between half a percent and one percent will be deemed really good depending on your following. 

Over on Linkedin, we really can achieve engagement rates of about three percent there as well. 

Then TikTok seems to buck all the social media trends, and if you’re active and consistent on TikTok you can actually achieve an engagement rate of up to 10 percent. 


If you want to get those metrics, let me share with you my top tips. 


1 – Consistency

Consistency trumps virality every single time. 


If you’re desperate to get your team to make you go viral, take a step back. 


For me, I’d far rather if you focused on your strategy. 

12 months is absolutely ample. 

The world of social and living through a pandemic means that every day is going to be bringing us in a completely different direction. 


2 – Content Calendars

Secondly make sure that you have a consistent content calendar. 


I teach my framework of 70% planned, 30% real time. 


There are issues that are going to come up time and time again. 

We also have seasonality in government and public sector, things that the public care about, initiatives that you’re going to be rolling out, campaigns that you’re going to be working on. 


3 – Testing

The third thing that I would say is you’ve got to test content formats. 


Everything I teach is academic until you put it into action. 

So you’ve got to test your content and see what the public want more of, see what’s resonating. 

4 – Just Like Me Content

There is absolutely no point in creating content that you want to share, that’s completely down the road of corporate communications. 

Take three steps back. 

Begin to create just like me content;

What do your audiences want you to talk about? 

What do they care about? 

What’s in their interest? 

What solutions do you have to the problems that they’re facing? 


Whether it’s around Covid-19 or anything else. 


Make sure that you do your research and also make sure that you segment your audiences. 


Social media that resonates will get a higher relevance score, you’ll know this if you’re doing facebook ads, you get a score between one and ten, so you really want to be hitting over seven in your relevance score and if you’re doing ads, the good news is this will take down your cost per click and increase reach and engagement. 

5 – Live Streaming

Video and live streaming is super important – show up. 

Why don’t you create a weekly show, an IGTV show, a Facebook watch show, a YouTube show, a Q&A on Twitter and Periscope. 


Show up. 

Go live. 

Get in front of the people. 

Have meaningful and real conversations. 


All of this with consistency means that you can buck the social media trends. 


Don’t forget, look at the metrics. 

The numbers, the insights, the data will give you information to make an informed decision about the next piece of your social media strategy. 


Best of luck, if you’ve got any great case studies let me know and I’ll make sure to profile them on the Public Sector Marketing Show.


Joanne Sweeney

Public Sector Marketing Institute

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The State of Social Media in the Public Sector

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