The infodemic is one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime. Right now we are battling a pandemic and major environmental challenges. Most recently the European Commission launched 5 missions.

It got me thinking. What role can government and public sector, stakeholders, and citizens play in disruption misinformation online? So, I decided to dedicate an episode to it. 

Coming up on the show:

  • > The extent of misinformation and its impact on society 
  • > How to disrupt fake news with a solid plan 
  • > The reputational damage and the knock-on effect of a misinformation campaign 
  • > The role of technology in battling the infodemic

I ask 5 public sector marketing pros what they are doing to disrupt misinformation.

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Joanne’s Column: Are You Part of the Infodemic Problem 

I'm of the firm belief that public sector and government officials need to be part of the infodemic solution. Right now, if your agency is ignoring digital best practice, failing to optimise long-form content on search, or engaging in social listening on matters related to your work, you could be contributing to the probolem.

In this week's column I explore this more.

Consulting: 7 Ways to Disrupt Misinformation Online

  1. Social Listening – catch the misinformation 
  2. Lines To Take – have pre-agreed lines to stake or statements on the truth of the matter
  3. Ramp up Online Conversation – you need to 
  4. Close the information gaps 
  5. Build Your Authority 
  6. Engage Your Expert Ecosystem 
  7. Social Share of Voice 

Public Sector Pros Insights

In this episode, we hear from Public Sector Pros who are actively disrupting disinformation. 

Hear from Chris Hsiung, Police Chief with Mountain View Police Police Department in California.

Also hear from Muiriosa Ryan, Social Media Manager at the Irish Health Service Executive.



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