How can government or public sector agencies get high engagement on social media that is both positive and proactive? 

Believe it or not most of the public viewing your social media are there for information that resonates with them in some way, that informs them of topics that are meaningful to their lives right now, and they have an expectation that you will provide answers. 

So, if your social media campaigns are simply soundbites and catch-phrases without a follow through of long-form purposeful and explainer content, then you are going to underwhelm and underperform. 

Coming up in episode 66: 

  • > The real powerbrokers on social media are people
  • > A recipe for social media success for public sector campaigns
  • > I interview Femke Gow, Head of Communications at Wolfson College at the University of Oxford. We discuss the role of citizen-first content in all your social media campaigns, and why moving from ‘organisation need’ to ‘public need’ is a shift that may be harder than you think.

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Column | The Real Powerbrokers on Social Media are People

Citizens on social media are now seen, heard and understood. It’s not good enough to be on social media, you need to be engaged with your community. 

In this column, I’m asking whether you are truly engaging with your powerbrokers for good or ignoring them at your peril.

Consulting | A Recipe for Social Media Success for Public Sector Campaigns

While every public sector agency has a different remit, the recipe for social media success can be one that works for all. Here are 8 steps to winning public trust on social media. 

  1. Goal setting aligned with public need 
  2. Key performance indicators to understand what success looks like
  3. Build your messaging pillars and sub-topics 
  4. Perform keyword research to refine those messages
  5. Get human! Go front of screen and embrace the fear of facing the public online 
  6. Get creative with your content, publish a diverse range of content that engages and delights
  7. Be responsive and engage in social listening to understand public response 
  8. Review analytics for actional insights

Interview with Femke Gow

Head of Communications; Wolfson College | University of Oxford

Femke is a communications strategist and leader with experience in fast-paced start-ups and public sector. She has particular strengths in building international relationships and has studied and worked in the UK, Netherlands, Denmark and Australia.


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