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Do you know how to tell a compelling story online to move an audience? In this episode, I'm going to show you how stories make the world go round. Our brains are wired to remember stories more than facts and figures alone and in the world of attention and your challenge to stop the scroll, it's the story that's going to make the difference between scrolling on and stopping.

Coming up in episode #82:

  • ✍️ Column:  Why stories will out-perform dull copy every time on social media
  • 💬 Consulting: How I build stories into my client campaigns
  • 🎙️ Interview: Sally Murphy, Founder of WellTold and expert storyteller

Column | Why stories will out-perform dull copy every time on social media  

The amount of dull copy that I see coming across my email inbox, desk, and news feeds, is extraordinary. You really need to understand the art of turning dull copy into meaningful and engaging copy that leaves an impact with your reader, your viewer, or your listener. We live in a world where attention is the number one currency, and in the attention age, I believe it's mastering the art of storytelling that will make a huge difference for you. I spoke in recent episodes about how the world is changing in terms of digital news consumption and people's attention span, I would argue, is reducing and they're going away from mass media and really chasing niche content that serves their appetites. Introduce the algorithm of TikTok, and then you have niche at scale.

So how do you ditch dull copy in favor of copy that stops the scroll?

Put the main character of the story at the centre of your copy.

Consulting | How I build stories into my client campaigns

Once you have crafted your story, be sure to optimize it and share it across all mediums the way that the public expects to receive it. Audio and TV have been around, but how we share stories is very different in the digital age. Once you've crafted your story and you've built out your story arc, it's then time to package the story up for distribution across traditional and digital media challenges.Traditional Media 

  • ✅ Press release
  • ✅ Potential guests for radio
  • ✅ Visual elements, B roll and an interviewee for a TV reporter to package their TV report

Digital Media

  • ✅ Short form mobile video content
    • TikTok
    • Instagram Reels
    • Shorts
  • ✅ Highly visual graphics

Interview |  Sally Murphy, Founder of WellTold and expert storyteller

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