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Leverage your cultural profile with Instagram

It might surprise you to hear that Instagram has become the fastest growing social media platform. Users consider its visual-led content to be more sophisticated than Facebook, more creative than Twitter, and more mature than Snapchat.

The problem with Instagram for the public sector is that it’s not as effective for real time news, events and public information when compared to Twitter or Facebook.

However, where it can come into its own is in leveraging your organisation’s cultural profile. It’s a really nice way to be authentic with the public.

So, if you want to get your message out there in an engaging and creative way, then Instagram’s the one for you.

In this blog post, I’ll share some of the ways you can do that.

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Ways to use Instagram

There are three to four different tactics you can employ on Instagram, the most popular being posting photos in the main news feed.

Your images should be eye-catching, capture your brand personality and be accompanied by some engaging captions, not forgetting about hashtags.

Reasons to post imagery to your feed

Reasons for your public sector organisation to post photos include:

1. Behind the scenes looks at your organisation in action. This can be as dramatic as your ground staff clearing snow at an airport, to your office staff raising some money for charity.

2. Reposting employee's posts. This can work great when you have staff on the ground, or out and about showing how their work is helping the public on a daily basis.

3. Educational posts – these work great for public service campaigns where your messaging is linked to an Instagram friendly theme like #health to document a health promotion project.

4. Influencer posts – if you use social media influencers to champion your campaign or would like to pay some influencers to push your message, this works great, particularly if you’re doing a public service campaign that will persuade people to change their behaviour. Peer influence works perfectly on Instagram.

5. Motivational posts – You can always rely on a nice bit of copy to help motivate or encourage your audience. It could even just be something reflective, like a museum using quotes frim Irish heroes down through the ages.

6. User-generated posts – these posts are Instagram gold – getting the public to converse with you and drive the conversation through a catchy hashtag will work wonders for making your government organisation part of the public’s everyday conversation.

7. Newsjacking content – this can be a nice way to use topical events as a way to get your message across. For instance, it could be a message from the Road Safety Authority wishing everyone a safe drive home on days leading up to Christmas. Or Healthy Ireland posting about getting outdoors with someone you love.


So, as you can see, once you start focusing on what messages you need to get out there, then the ways to post on Instagram can be endless.

But it doesn’t stop there.

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Videos, Stories and Instagram Live

Instagram videos and Stories are other great ways to get more in-depth and authentic. They provide a great way to interact with your audience without clogging up their feed and this will give you prominence in the Instagram app.

You can publish videos that are up to one-minute long. As long as they are short and snappy, and give your audience value, you will get engagement.  Practice to build confidence.

Instagram Stories, similar to Snapchat Stories allow you to be even more authentic with the public. It allows you to show them all the work you do to provide them with services. These stories last 24 hours in your feed before self-deleting. It's known as ephemeral content.

Instagram Live works similar to Facebook Live.  Their new IGTV format allows you to upload footage of interviews, or edited highlights of events from recorded footage for up to 60 minutes.

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Advertising on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram works similar to Facebook and is done through the Facebook Ads Manager platform. From there, you will be able to set your objective and tightly target your audience in lots of smart ways.

Need more help?

We love using Instagram to showcase what our agency is all about. We’d love to help your organisation get the most of it too.

So if you’d like use Instagram more effectively in your Public Service organisation, we’ll be only too happy to help. Or contact us today.

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