Thumbnail How To Use TikTok For Your Government Or Public Sector Agency

In this blog I'm going to share with you why TikTok presents a real marketing and communications opportunity for government and public sector agencies.


TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2019 in over 40 countries. 

The largest demographic is age 16 to 24. 


What's the buzz about TikTok? 


It is the immersive mobile video content that is created. 

There are so many features within TikTok that it has those creators on overdrive. 


So why should government and public sector agencies use it? 

And if you're not a comedian, if you're not 16 to 24, then is TikTok a place where you should be? Well yes, if you're trying to reach 16 to 24 year olds. But make no mistake that demographic is broadening into 25 plus. 


In fact no matter what age you are, TikTok is going to share the videos that it thinks will resonate with you on your ‘for you’ page. 


So let's get started. Let's get into some essential quick tips for setting up a TikTok account for a government or a public sector agency. 

1 - Have a purpose

Make sure that you think about your why on TikTok. 

Why are you there? 

Are you there to reach a younger audience, that you're unable to reach on social networks? 

If so, then make sure that the content you create directly speaks to them. 


If it's about having and sharing public health messaging on the platform, then make sure that the content is creative and it's accessible. 


Make sure that you have a TikTok account that represents your username. 


If you're not intending to set up your TikTok account now make sure that you get your branded username, before somebody else takes it. 


2 - Make sure that you go in with a content plan 

At least storyboard out your first 12 TikToks. 

I use a free analytics tool to have a look at the performance of TikTok accounts, and that gives me access to the last 12 posts. 

So plan out your first 12 posts. 


Secondly hack the algorithm by making sure that you're using trending hashtags, trending sounds, trending filters, and trending effects. 

That is the quickest way to grow your audience. 


3 - Consistency also matters. 

You may know that engagement rates on TikTok can be up to 10%. 

That's massive and unrivalled, if you compare it to any of the social networks, but like the other social networks, consistency matters. 


4 - People

You need people, and you need faces. 

People resonate with other human beings. 

So have a look right across your organisation and try and get other people involved. 

Why not have an internal competition to get people to try to come up with ideas for your TikTok account? 


5 - Don't forget the analytics

There are a host of analytics available. 

From engagement rate, to most likes, most comments, most viewed videos, trending hashtag, most used keywords used. 

Have a look at the insights to inform you as to the way forward for your strategy. 


6 - Advertise

You have an opportunity to advertise on the platform. 

This will give you a targeted and a segmented audience that you can guarantee, and you can reach on particular topics. 


Most of all get familiar with the features on TikTok. 


Even if you want to set up the account and keep the videos private until you build up your confidence, and your competencies, that's absolutely fine. But don't disregard TikTok. 

It has huge growth. 


It's experiencing huge growth because of the immersive mobile video experience. 


You can create videos from 15 seconds up to 60 seconds. 


They're fast, they're fun, they're engaging, and let's face it, public sector and government is all about people. 


It's about winning hearts and minds, and there's definitely a place for you there.

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