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COVID-19 has resulted in mass digital workplaces, that is, people working from home.

So how do you manage a remote team and maintain good internal communications, motivation, and inspiration? In episode 13 I discuss:

  • > The role of internal communications in the digital workplace;
  • > Keeping your workforce engaged in a hybrid working environment;   
  • > A guide to internal communications in the Digital Age; and
  • > I speak to Jenni Field, author of Internal Influential  Communications and founder of Redefining Communications. Jenni shares fantastic insights from her book and her own Field Framework for success.

If you want to learn more about how to improve internal communications in the Digital Age, then stay tuned!


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Joanne’s Column

Keeping your workforce engaged in a hybrid working environment   

In today’s column I’m exploring how internal communications has evolved in the Digital Age.

  • > Let employees share their voices
  • > Embrace technology to streamline internal communications – what platforms are you using?
  • > Introduce rules of engagement to empower not mute
  • > Be clear on your internal comms KPIs (e.g. Corporate email opens, Link clicks in corporate emails, Attendance for training or town halls, Social shares, Traffic results from social shares, Technology use - like logins, comments, time in platform, etc.)
  • > We need everyone to contribute to digital communications – not just press, comms and social media staff (i.e. Employees contribute to the conversation and become part of the content creation process, becoming more engaged, involved, and productive.)
  • > Look for best practice case studies and test and pivot

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A Guide to Internal Communications in the Digital Age  

  • > Keep your people more informed
  • > Build a culture of openness 
  • > Increase employee engagement
  • > Create trust and transparency among the entire company
  • > Provide more digital opportunities for your people
  • > Upskill remain relevant in the Digital Age  connected
  • > Create an environment of inclusion 
  • > Scale digital transformation
  • > Advocates online

  • Interview
  • In this episode, I speak to Jenni Field, Author of Internal Influential Communications and Founder of Redefining Communications.
  • Jenni has almost 20 years’ experience in communications and it’s this experience that ensures organisations can improve their relationships and their communication. 

  • Resources
  • Jennie has kindly given us a 20% discount for Internal Influential Communications: IIC20
  • Buy the book here.
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