Episode 44 – The Joe Rogan Effect That Will Impact Public Sector Comms in 2022


Happy New Year and welcome to Season 3 of the Public Sector Marketing Show.

Thank you for being us with for the past 43 episodes and I look forward to delving deep into new topics and trends, and hearing from your public sector peers and subject matter experts for this series. 

I’m starting the year and Season 3 with a solo show. 

Coming up in the first episode of the Public Sector Marketing Show of 2022:

  • > The Joe Rogan Effect that I believe is going to impact public sector comms in 2022;
  • > What is the Joe Rogan Effect and why you should care?
  • > The ongoing debate of mainstream media versus social media influence; 
  • > What people say about accessing news on social media and who they listen to; and 
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Joanne’s Column: What is the Joe Rogan Effect?

The Joe Rogan Effect is a phrase I’ve coined to describe the rise in influence of non-journalists who are tackling issues that are dominating mainstream news media. 

On New Year’s Eve YouTube removed a video from the Joe Rogan Experience Channel. It was an interview with Dr Robert Malone, who claims that he invented the mRNA vaccine platform. We are all familiar with the term mRNA in a Covid-19 world. But are you aware of Joe Rogan?

Well I was. As a podcaster for many years, Joe Rogan was seen as the one you looked up to in terms of podcasting success. He was the first podcaster to sign an exclusive publishing deal with Spotify in 2020 and it’s one of the most listened to podcasts in the world. 

His podcasts are interview-based and he has now published 1,758 podcasts (at time of writing) with the controversial one with Dr Malone appearing as episode 1,757.

In my view, and as an observer of the changing media and evolving digital landscape, this trend is one to watch in 2022, whereby influencers with engaged audiences will be shaping public opinion and potentially dividing public opinion on critical issues of public health and other public policy issues. 

Consulting: Behind the Mic, Why Public Sector Comms Professionals Should Understand the Influence Commanded by Social Media Stars

Chaos, clicks and controversy. The 3 Cs of commercial online appeal. 

That’s my view on why Joe Rogan has gone rogue on his platform. 

He might well disagree with me, and he is most definitely entitled to. In fact, I’d like to have him on my podcast to discuss it. 

There are 6 things public sector and government communications professionals need to understand about the rise of social media influence. 

1 Media is a commodity owned by anyone and everyone willing to create content online 

2 Influence online can be measured in three core ways:

  • > Volume of followers and related performance metrics such as reach, impressions, interactions, engagement rate, video views, sentiment 
  • > An engaged audience that listens, acts and advocates for a particular view/service/product 
  • > Becoming the topic of mainstream media

3 Ignore influencers with social share of voice in your space at your peril 

4 Dismiss influencers with social share of voice in your space at your peril 

5 Listen to the public discourse and discover knowledge or information gaps that you can fill 

6 Reframe your communications strategy to reflect the digital era of influence

Digital News Report 2021 Highlights the Shift in Media Influence

The 2021 Digital News Report conducted by the Reuters Institute in association with the University of Oxford shines a spotlight on why consumers are accessing news on social and who they are interested in listening to and learning from.

The 10th study, it covers 46 countries and surveys over 80,000 people about their news consumption habits. 

One section in particular is worth focusing in on. 

The report asks if journalists and news organisations play a more prominent role on these networks and provide more credible information? Some media organisations have already ventured into this arena. 

The Guardian, for example, produces the ‘Fake or for Real?’ segment on Instagram, where a 

young journalist goes over the week’s claims using the platform’s quiz feature.

So what’s your own view? Do you think you need to take a different approach to your digital communications strategy? As always, I’d love to hear your views. Tweet me to @JSTweetsDigital or drop me an email to [email protected].

Irish Journalist Richard Chambers also uses TikTok to update followers on the main political and news agenda of the day.



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A Digital PR Strategy for Public Sector

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