Episode 58 – How to Be A LinkedIn Thought Leader


LinkedIn is my favourite social network and it’s a valuable platform to connect, learn and share.

More than ever, we have a responsibility to show up and share our knowledge as seeking out news and information is one of the top reasons people use social media.

Developing your social media footprint is also important if you are intent on managing your online reputation. LinkedIn is the perfect platform. 

2.5 million adults in Ireland are active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest people database in the world and we are there with an intention to connect with others, so be sure to be purposeful with your own strategy.

Coming up in episode 58:

  • > I explore the opportunities to lead from the front in your organisation, in your sector and among your peer group on LinkedIn 
  • > Why LinkedIn is the perfect platform for public sector leaders
  • > Top tactics to be an authority on LinkedIn
  • > I speak to Margot Ling, Founder of TCP Growth, an executive coach and communications consultant and former Twitter executive based in Hong Kong

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Column | Why LinkedIn is the perfect platform for public sector leaders

#1 Your employees are there

#2 Your company culture is displayed there 

#3 Your peers are there 

#4 Your content is indexed on Google 

#5 Corporate communications sits perfectly on LinkedIn 

#6 Friendly place to be and an equally friendly algorithm 

#7 Niche topic discovery and easy to be found

#8 Easy to grow influence with a solid strategy 

LinkedIn rewards consistency, much like the other social networks. 

Have a proactive presence, along with posting consistently, engage with others.

Posting tips: Use hashtags on your posts, tag people or organisations where relevant, add media, and prompt conversation. It’s great when posts have an engaging thread below them. So make that your intention, to open a conversation. Don’t post and go.


Leverage Your Network

We are only three connections away from being introduced to anyone in the world because of the power of LinkedIn. The opportunity to outreach to people based on a shared professional interest has never been easier.

It’s also a good idea to call out your network when they are promoting projects or career wins. Be sure, to share others’ content and provide context on why you are sharing it. That type of network promotion is really welcomed by connections.

Like everything we do on social media, do it with purpose, genuine intention, and authenticity.

Consulting | 4 New Features to Lean Into For Supercharged Authority

  1. Articles
  2. Newsletters
  3. Livestreaming
  4. Audio Rooms

Interview | Margot Ling

Margot founded TCP Growth in 2016 to facilitate international business communications & multinational remote team collaborations through workshops and webinars. Margot’s superpowers are coaching and media consulting to empower her clients to achieve greater success and communicate effectively. She is a multilingual executive coach and creative entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others to grow and perform through her Growth Mindset and Cultural Intelligence advocacy. Among her most prominent clients are tech start-up founders, international tech corporations, public organisations and luxury brands.

She is a dynamic business development executive with solid track records in clinching numerous well-known China inbound & outbound deals for Fortune 500 media & tech companies, including Twitter, Fox, Dolby and Edipresse Groupe. Margot is one of the few Certified Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Facilitators in Greater China who is also from a cross-border business background. She has been a media trainer and guest speaker in public institutions and universities in Hong Kong. She has also trained a wide range of content partners in the region, including China state-owned media, international media and private technology companies. Margot speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Making a Case for Remote Working in Government & Public Sector

Join us live as we discuss remote working policies for Government and Public Sector with Joanne Mangan, Employer Lead of Grow Remote.

What you will learn:

  • > Can communications and marketing pros go remote full-time?
  • > Remote working policies for Government & Public Sector
  • > Remote working landscape in Ireland
  • > Global remote working trends that we can learn from
  • > Suggested remote working tools, apps and software

Grow Remote Webinar – Facebook+LinkedIn

Register here.


LinkedIn for Leaders in the Public Sector

LinkedIn has the potential to grow influence in your realm of expertise. Public Sector Pros in all areas of their career should be leveraging their personal profile for professional gain.

In this free webinar, Joanne will share with you how to lead on LinkedIn.

What you will learn:

  • > Perfect your profile
  • > Grow your network of influence
  • > Post with purpose
  • > Be remarkable with your expertise

LinkedIn Leadership Webinar – Facebook_LinkedIn

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