Live video is a great way to build trust and authority online. To discuss the power of live video I joined the Confident Live Video Show to discuss my approach with Ian Anderson Gray.

I've known Ian for many years and have worked with him to build out my own podcast and show plan as well as introducing new live streaming options with Ecamm.


Show Takeaways

The three As of Live Streaming 

- Authenticity: show up as your real self and this will help you build a connection with your audience.

- Audience: building an engaged audience is the #1 goal of social media and live streaming helps you do this more effectively.

- Authority: demonstrating that you are who you say you are, you are an expert in the field that you promote online, and get noticed for being that subject matter expert.

Anyone can be anyone online, but are you proving your worth with live video?


How to Remove Fear of Going Live 

I first went live as a 20-year old broadcast journalism student on university radio, it was part of my course. I then went into broadcast journalism and for the first six months, going live terrified me. But 20 years' on, here's what I can share with you about overcoming the fear of going live.
1. Go live for a short time to get comfortable with it;
2. Practice makes perfect, and you will get to know what you need to improve over time;
3. Prepare your topic and three key points;
4. Look down the lens of the camera, so find the camera on your phone or laptop;
5. Take action, don't procrastinate to make excuses, we can all find excuses not to;
6. Be kind with your own feedback, don't talk badly about yourself on how you look or sound;
7. Show up consistently, find a schedule, a regular time and date that you will show up, this will let your audience know to tune in;
8. Don't give up, everything worth doing is at the other side of fear.
Live video is a powerful tool open to marketers and public sector pros, so embrace it and find your live streaming feet with practice.

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