Episode 59 – 7 Marketing Practices To Avoid


As the author of a book called Public Sector Marketing Pro, this is going to be a very interesting episode! 

I will discuss ethical and unethical marketing practices. 

The Digital Age allows marketers to scale messaging, engagement and conversions. But not all of the powers of the Internet are being used ethically. 

And what about government and public sector – is marketing really right for you?

Should we not discuss communications as opposed to marketing?

Coming up in episode 59:

  • > The new rules of public sector marketing
  • > 7 Marketing practices for public sector
  • > I speak to Phillip Othen, Senior Content Writer with New Statesman Media Group about the 7 unethical marketing practices to avoid


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Column | The New Rules of Public Sector Marketing

Well, I wrote the book on it!  

Public sector digital marketing is vastly different from digital marketing for a business. So why is it that so many resources, courses, and conferences that you research and review aren’t solving your marketing problems?

Quite simply it’s because digital marketing and social media for government and public sector agencies require a specific approach that isn’t catered for by most marketing companies.

As a former broadcast journalist and with a 20-year career working directly with this sector, I decided to re-write the marketing rule book. It’s called Public Sector Marketing Pro



A senior Facebook executive working with government and public sector reviewed my book and it seems I hit a nerve, in a good way.

Elul Rifman was participating in a virtual meeting with government officials who were writing an internal pamphlet about digital communications for government agencies. 

Here’s his serendipity moment. 

“I’m not sure how this happened — as I wasn’t supposed to be the one around the table to preach about it — but I found myself arguing that government entities can’t settle for paid media campaigns only as they deliver their messages. I wish I had this quote in my pocket:

“Social media serves not just your organisation, but also the public interest. You have a responsibility to leverage the channels to reach key audiences and deliver important messages. I challenge you, senior leaders and marketing and communications pros, to put the needs of the public ahead of your own personal bias or the reluctance around social media.” (p.42, Public Sector Marketing Pro)

Consulting | 7 Valuable Marketing Practices for Public Sector

  1. Thought Leadership 
  2. Livestreaming Press Conferences
  3. Social Media Marketing 
  4. Social Customer Service 
  5. Email Marketing 
  6. Podcasting 
  7.  Virtual Events

Interview | Philp Othen

For over 25 years, Phillip Othen has produced content for numerous platforms and mediums, including branded, commercial radio, books, news and lifestyle sites, publishers, magazines, reality TV websites, social media, small football clubs and, perhaps most notably, a very famous sports person.

He worked on award-winning branded content campaigns for Crowne Plaza and Heineken. Phillip is currently Senior Writer at New Statesman Media Group, publishers of New Statesman, Press Gazette, luxury sustainable lifestyle and ESG in industry titles.


In our interview, he takes me through the most hated marketing practices by consumers.




Making a Case for Remote Working in Government & Public Sector

Join us live as we discuss remote working policies for Government and Public Sector with Joanne Mangan, Employer Lead of Grow Remote.

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  • > Remote working policies for Government & Public Sector
  • > Remote working landscape in Ireland
  • > Global remote working trends that we can learn from
  • > Suggested remote working tools, apps and software

Grow Remote Webinar – Facebook+LinkedIn

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LinkedIn for Leaders in the Public Sector

LinkedIn has the potential to grow influence in your realm of expertise. Public Sector Pros in all areas of their career should be leveraging their personal profile for professional gain.

In this free webinar, Joanne will share with you how to lead on LinkedIn.

What you will learn:

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  • > Be remarkable with your expertise

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