3 Tips for Creating Engaging Content with Adobe Express

2023 has brought many changes on the social media front, most notably the shift to short-form mobile video content. So in this blog post we will give you three tips to create engaging content using Adobe Express. 


Tip #1: Optimise your short-form mobile videos to maximise engagement

Short-form mobile video is dominating in 2023, and Adobe Express takes all the fuss out of optimising your videos for mobile. With Adobe Express, you can easily resize your videos by selecting from preset sizes to change the dimensions of your videos for all social media platforms. You can also trim your videos to just the right length with the nifty video trimming tool. Simply set your parameters or enter in the start and end time fields.

Screenshot - Adobe Express - Resize

Tip #2: Create stand-out graphics and videos using pre-designed editable templates from the Adobe Express library

Adobe Express allows you to easily and quickly create your own content by using their suite of pre-designed editable templates. Personalising templates requires minimal design expertise and requires you to simply add your own copy, imagery and branding.

Screenshot - Adobe Express - Templates

Tip #3: Bring your videos to life with text and photo animations

Adding animated elements to your designs can transform them into captivating videos. Adobe Express offers a range of creative animation options which you can apply to text and photos within your designs. You can easily preview each animation to find the effect that works for your design.

Screenshot - Adobe Express Animation


BONUS Tip: Incorporate QR codes into your designs to increase traffic to your website and/or social media accounts

With Adobe Express, you can easily create a QR code using the QR Code Generator quick action in three steps*:

  1. Choose a URL and paste it into the QR code generator.
  2. Create your QR code and customise the style and color.
  3. Select your desired file type and download your QR code right to your device. Add the code to your graphics or videos.

*Note that this feature is currently only available through the desktop app. 


Be intentional with your social media content. Be very clear on what you want your audience to take away from engaging with your video. You are more likely to succeed! 

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