Public Sector Marketing Pro Audiobook launch by Joanne Sweeney

Public sector professionals tune into Public Sector Marketing Pro, the Audiobook by Galway-based Author

 Salthill-based author Joanne Sweeney has launched her book on 40 audiobook platforms this week as she extends the messaging in her book across the globe.

The digital marketing consultant and trainer from Donegal has written the ultimate guide to digital marketing for government and public sector to improve transparency and build public trust.

‘Public Sector Marketing Pro’ was first launched in 2018 but Ms. Sweeney says she was compelled to write a second edition for the post-pandemic age which was launched at the end of 2022.

“If digital communication was an intention in 2020, it is now front and centre of most government agencies’ strategy to gain public trust and engage citizens on issues that matter to them.”

“I feel strongly that the institutions of the state must be accountable to the people when it comes to effective and transparent communications. This is the whole ethos of the book. So, when I see it being bought by agencies across the world, my hope is that they lean into the best practice and empower their communications staff to lead online with confidence and openness.”

The book is in the non-profit marketing curriculum at San Francisco University and is used by professionals working in government and the public sector as an aid to their job. The book’s foreword was written by former Chief Digital Officer to President Barack Obama, Tom Cochran.

Joanne Sweeney is the host of the award-winning Public Sector Marketing Show podcast and writes and delivers her own accredited digital marketing courses for her niche. With the growing appetite for audio content, she decided to repurpose the book into an audiobook for the first time.

The book is available to buy on Amazon as a hard copy or Kindle edition and in audiobook format on Audible, Spotify, Amazon, and other channels.

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