Hello and welcome to episode 90 of the Public Sector Marketing Show.

Can you believe 2023 is drawing to a close?

What a year. What a year.

Personally, it’s been really great.
Professionally, it’s been so rewarding given the diverse range of clients we have worked with and the projects, training and events that were entrusted to us.

We love what we do.

We love representing public sector pros and raising the profile of your important work.

We are committed to leading with value and even if we don’t work together in the business sense of the word, you all know you have access to our FREE monthly webinars, this podcast, our Tuesday ezine and there are even free workshops on our website.

Our promise is to lead with value so you can learn from us and improve public sector communications, in the public interest.

So, let’s get into the last show of the year!

Coming up in episode #90:

  • ✍️ Column:   Our Year in Review
  • 💬 Consulting: Top 10 public interest stories of 2023

Column | Our Year in Review

Our year in review.

🙌 We are nothing without you.

▶️ Here are our highlights.  

2023 👇

12 ✈️Flights 

9 🌏Countries

11 🎤Conference Stages

87 💻Clients

12 🗺️ Client Countries

381👨🎓Public Sector Pros Trained

21 📻 Radio Stations Trained 

7 ⭕️ Google Clients Trained 

84 ✍️ Press Releases Written

12🔖 Comms / Social Media Strategies Developed

1 🎧Audiobook Launched

13🎙️Podcast Episodes Published 

7,000 🎙️ Podcast Downloads 

4 🏆 Awards

20% 📈 Year-on-Year Growth

10 🗓️ Years in Business

5 😎 Amazing Team Members

1 🤓 Crazy CEO

Consulting | My top 10 public interest stories of 2023 that forced governments to come out strong, but did they?

The top stories from around the world that tested public trust and open and transparent communications in government and public sector.

  • 1️⃣ War reigns on: Israel-Palestine and the world’s pleas for a humanitarian ceasefire fall on deaf ears and Russia-Ukraine falls of the front pages
  • 2️⃣ RTE, Ryan Tubridy’s fees, the secret barter accounts and the box-office-breaking Oireachtas media committees
  • 3️⃣ Black Thursday in Dublin
  • 4️⃣ The Cost-of-Living Crisis replaces the Covid crisis
  • 5️⃣ Europe burns as climate emergency deepens
  • 6️⃣All eyes on AI
  • 7️⃣Twitter reincarnates as X as Elon fires thousands and the algorithm
  • 8️⃣Britain gets a King, the Prince goes public on his autobiography
  • 9️⃣Britney is FREE, but the brutality against women continues
  • 🔟Immigration on the rise as the far-right unite to divide

BONUS: Rizz announced as word of the year by the Oxford Dictionary

2024 – What’s in Store?

  • Celebrating 10 years in business with a birthday bash 
  • NEW website launch 
  • The Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit 
  • More training, consulting, podcasts and free webinars

Before we turn down the mic for the last time on 2023, I want to say THANK YOU:

To my team
To my clients
To you, my content subscribers

Together we can go far!

Wishing you the very best for the year ahead.

See you on the other side.

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