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From Podcasts to our video library, how to guides to a variety of industry-specific books. Public Sector Marketing Pros is bringing you up to date digital tools and resources to get your message out there.


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Public Sector Marketing Pros offer a range of training, from indivual topic-specific modules through to a full diploma. All with CPD accreditation.

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Do you have a particular digital project that is causing you a headache?
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Digital marketing and social media have transformed the way we deliver communications to our stakeholders - to service users, members of the public, the media, our partners, staff and suppliers.

“Highly experienced public sector marketing, PR and communications professionals are now required to learn new digital skills. This can be difficult to do with the demands of your job, so I have created this platform especially for you. This is a safe place to learn, share and empower yourself. You don’t have to fear going for promotion, you don’t have to fear being displaced by younger digitally savvy juniors. It’s time you leveraged digital to accentuate your existing skillset.“ - Joanne

I am the go-to public sector marketing expert with an impressive client portfolio. I will help you bring your marketing skills into the Digital Age with practical, relevant and high-end training, mentoring and support.

State of Social Media Book

The State of

Social Media

in the Public Sector

A comparative analysis of the social media footprint of Ireland’s 330 public sector bodies.
Public Sector Marketing Pro Book

Public Sector

Marketing Pro
Essential reading for marketing professionals working in government and public sector who want immediate digital communications results
Social Media

in the Government & Public Sector

Success told through real-life case studies, written by the global leader in public sector marketing, Joanne Sweeney.

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Summit 2020 | Join The Waitlist

Following the success of the 2018 & 2019 Summit in Dublin, we are planning 2020! Expect top class keynote speakers, examples of best in class case studies and lots of opportunities to network.

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Communicating Brexit

Engage citizens and empower your people

16th & 17th OCTOBER 2019

The implications of Brexit may fill you with dread, but if we have learned anything from this political exercise, it’s that the execution of a communications plan will sink you or save you. Join us for a two-day masterclass followed by 4-weeks of consulting support to help you implement your campaign.


Eugen Sandu, Press Advisor, European Parliament

Great energy. Does not scare easily. Enjoys a challenge. Extremely determined and insanely professional. Gives 110% to every project. Highly recommended to anyone in search for a different approach and new PR and Marketing ideas tailored to one’s needs.

John Jacob, General Secretary of the Association of Garda Sergeants & Inspectors

The digital strategy developed by Joanne has improved internal and external communications. AGSI is recognised within the Garda organisation as having the most current and accurate information available. Our contributions to external stakeholders are also more professionally delivered.