It’s book year for me! Yes, 2022 marks another publication of Public Sector Marketing Pro.

I’m writing the second edition. I first published the book in 2019 but so much has changed since then that I felt compelled to update it. So in this episode I am going to share with you how a pandemic changed the rules of public sector marketing. 

Coming up in Episode 45:

  • > Why I am writing the handbook for public sector marketing and comms in the Digital Age
  • > What you can expect from Public Sector Marketing Pro the book version 2 
  • > I speak to Jesse Finkelstein, co-founder of Page Two, the Canadian publishing company that I am working with to produce my book, and accompanying eBook and audiobook. We discuss the power of books to empower people and influence positive change.

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Joanne’s Column: What makes me the expert to write the book on public sector marketing in the Digital Age?

I’ve been writing, researching and practicing communications for over 20 years now. But here’s what drives me to be an authoritative voice and becoming a helping hand for public sector pros who want to level up their digital communications skills. 

I believe in public interest messaging. I believe in a strong democracy and I believe in a welfare state that supports those who cannot fully support themselves. I believe in giving back through taxation and having a trusted and transparent government and public sector. 

But things have changed in the past 20 years and I have changed my skillset as the media and marketing and communications landscape changed.

Consulting: What you can expect from Public Sector Marketing Pro V2

The updated edition will bring you all the changes in public sector and government comms over the past two years since COVID-19 came into our world. Some chapters will be replaced while the remaining chapters will all be revised and updated accordingly. 

There will be new case studies and in particular pandemic stories and case studies. 

The core ask in the book will completely change.

In the current book, there is a strong call to action for your sector to embrace digital communications. But in the revised edition, it is very much about scaling digital and leaning into new technologies and empowering non-marketing pros with social media and digital marketing skills. 

If you want to go on the waitlist and be the first to get a copy of Public Sector Marketing Pro 2nd Edition, sign up here:

Interview with Jesse Finkelstein

In this episode I interview Jesse Finkelstein, co-Founder of Page Two and the publishing company I am working with once again to produce my book, Public Sector Marketing Pro. 

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A Digital PR Strategy for Public Sector

News and public relations have transformed as citizens now consume information across multiple channels and devices. Journalists and media are no longer the sole authors of news and information.

Right now, you and your colleagues have a remarkable opportunity to build an engaged audience that turn to you as a trusted source.

What you will learn:

  • > How to turn your press release into a digital magnet
  • > How to repurpose digital PR for greater digital reach
  • > How to maximise your reach as a subject matter expert
  • > How to measure digital PR success

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