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Episode 72 - The 4th Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit

By Joanne Sweeney | October 6, 2022

Meet our 2022 Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit speakers. Taking place on Thursday 27th October in the Mayson Hotel Dublin, you can attend in-person or online. View ticket options. Throughout […]

Episode 71 - How to Create Engaging Social Media Content

By Joanne Sweeney | September 29, 2022

Are you struggling to produce enough or the right type of digital content that makes an impact? Do you want to in-source and streamline your content marketing?  Is the overwhelm […]

Episode 70 - Why You Need to Rethink Your Public Sector PR Strategy

By Joanne Sweeney | September 22, 2022

My favourite annual research is out and it’s time to understand the ever-changing news landscape. The 2022 Digital News Report compiled by Reuters Institute and the University of Oxford presents […]

Episode 69 - A TikTok Plan for Public Sector

By Joanne Sweeney | September 15, 2022

Instagram has gone all TikTok, and you’re feeling left behind. Keep listening because I’ve got your public sector and government TikTok plan sorted.  In this second episode of Season 4 […]

Episode 68 - The Art of Communicating Bad News in Government or Public Sector

By Joanne Sweeney | September 8, 2022

Climate action, the cost-of-living crisis, food security, war, the great resignation, a looming recession, pandemics, divisive national politics - whatever your bad news, you’ve no choice but to communicate it.  […]

Episode 67 - News V Narrative in Digital Communications

By Joanne Sweeney | June 30, 2022

There is a real blurring of the news lines online. Who owns news and who has the right to create it? Right now, news is a commodity that is owned […]

Episode 66 - How to Get the Public Behind Your Social Media Campaigns

By Joanne Sweeney | June 23, 2022

How can government or public sector agencies get high engagement on social media that is both positive and proactive?  Believe it or not most of the public viewing your social […]

Episode 65 - Why Social Media is a Public Sector Superpower

By Joanne Sweeney | June 16, 2022

Social media is the number one topic that public sector pros want to discuss with me.  From how to develop a strategy to how to manage a crisis and everything […]

Episode 64 - How to Handle Online Abuse

By Joanne Sweeney | June 9, 2022

New research in Ireland has highlighted the need for political parties to do more to support female members from online abuse. While members of government are not alone in facing […]

Episode 62 - Innovation in Public Sector

By Joanne Sweeney | May 19, 2022

The pandemic has helped public sector pivot from slow moving and bureaucracy driven to agile and adaptive organisations. But there’s still lots of innovation to go and in this episode […]

Episode 61 - 7 Steps to Social Media Success in Digital Diplomacy

By Joanne Sweeney | May 12, 2022

Diplomacy has been around for centuries and is most associated with politicians and policymakers. Some people have a talent for diplomacy and then there are companies that sell it as […]