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Episode 35 - Comparison Kills Creativity in Social Media Marketing

By Joanne Sweeney | October 28, 2021

In this episode I want to talk more about why comparison kills creativity in digital marketing and why you should mind your own digital business to succeed online.

Episode 34 - How To Disrupt Misinformation Online

By Joanne Sweeney | October 21, 2021

I ask 5 public sector marketing pros what they are doing to disrupt misinformation.

Episode 33 - Social Media Trends 2021 - What’s Working on The Social Networks Right Now?

By Joanne Sweeney | October 14, 2021

It’s the last quarter of the year, we are coming out of covid and we are trying to find our rhythm on social media.

Charity Marketing Covid

Episode 32 -Charity Marketing in a Post COVID World

By Joanne Sweeney | October 7, 2021

No matter how big or small your fundraising event is, you need to ensure your reputation management is front and centre of your strategy.

Lessons from Covid-19 Communications

Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit | 10 Communications Lessons from the Frontline of the Pandemic

By Joanne Sweeney | September 30, 2021

We hosted the third annual Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit on September 22-23 2021 from our studio in Galway to a virtual audience around the world. Previously, an in-person event […]

Episode 30 -How to Communicate Climate Change Online

By Joanne Sweeney | September 23, 2021

What climate action is teaching us is that we need to be able to communicate online and engage citizens in the conversation.

Episode 29 -Why Digital Marketing Skills Will Secure Your Employment Future in Public Sector

By Joanne Sweeney | September 16, 2021

The results of that an enhanced work force of digital and social media marketers will bring far outweighs any costs (time or monetary).

What is the number 1 digital strategy for the next 10 years?

Episode 28 - The Number 1 Digital Strategy for the Next 10 Years

By Joanne Sweeney | September 9, 2021

Strategy eats culture every time! So it’s imperative that a leadership prevails to execute and test every part of your content plan.

Episode 27- What Public Sector Marketing Can Learn from Digital Journalism Tactics

By Joanne Sweeney | September 2, 2021

My journalistic instinct and skills have served me very well throughout my career but in particular in my work as a public sector marketing coach, consultant and trainer.

Episode 26 - Best Bits, Bloopers and Bold Advice | Highlights from 25 Episodes of the Public Sector Marketing Show

By Joanne Sweeney | July 29, 2021

I'll show you the Best Bits, Bloopers and Bold Advice from the 25 Episodes of the Public Sector Marketing Show.

Episode 25 - Digital News Report 2021: Insights for Public Sector Marketing

By Joanne Sweeney | July 22, 2021

I review the Digital News Report 2021 and its impact on public sector marketing.

PSM Show Ep 24 BlogYT

Episode 24 - Social Media in the Workplace: Managing The Personal V Professional Voice

By Joanne Sweeney | July 15, 2021

In this episode, I'm going to share how you can balance personal V professional at work.