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Hello and welcome to JSB Talks Digital. I’m Joanne Sweeney-Burke and this podcast is brought to you by Public Sector Marketing Pros. This podcast series is for those of you working in Government, a public sector body, a publicly funded programme or a semi-state organisation. You are most likely working in a marketing, communications, digital, social media or a senior leadership role and are passionate about digital communications.

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Coming up in the third episode of the Public Sector Marketing Pros series:

* How to manage a digital age PR crisis that starts or escalates on social media

* I interview Alex Aiken, Executive Director of Communications with the UK Government

* I’ve also got JSB’s live coaching column, where I map out my blueprint to managing a PR crisis online.

* The Diploma Deep Dive provides insights into what I’m teaching public sector marketing pros about Digital Age crisis management.

* The digital product from this show is my Crisis Probability Matrix, establishing what crises your organisation may face. Download it for free at: www.publicsectormarketingpros.com/prcrisis

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Public Sector Marketing Pros Challenge

In episode #3, I’m laying down the PR Crisis Management challenge and how to manage one in the Digital Age. So, I’ll be helping you prepare for a media storm on social media.

The storm may start on social media or it may escalate. Either way, you must have a plan and place and be prepared for the fallout.

If any of this resonates with you, stay tuned. Use this episode to help give you a new perspective on social media and PR crisis management.




In each episode, I interview a public sector marketing pro that is stepping up to the challenges facing their organisations in the Digital Age.

How to manage a PR Crisis on Social Media

This episode’s public sector marketing pro is Alex Aiken who is the Executive Director of Communications with the UK Government.

Alex recalls a recent PR crisis and a decision to put the Prime Minister Theresa May on YouTube Live to fight fake news.

The Executive Director of Government Communication is responsible for government communication strategy, managing the combined Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office communications team and serves as Head of Profession for the Government Communication Service.

Alex was appointed in December 2012 and has been responsible for creating the Government Communication Service and developing cross-government campaigns.

In this interview, Alex shares insights on digital communications for UK Government communications, the role is plays in crisis management and he is also very forthright on the role social media plays in defending the truth.

Find out more about Alex:

* UK Government Website

* Follow Alex on Twitter

How to manage a PR Crisis on Social Media


 JSB’s Live Coaching Column

In JSB’s Live Coaching Column this month, I share a question I got from a Government agency who were facing a social media storm. They were in the midst of it and so I decided to pen this column.

So, the big question is:

How can we be more prepared for what we cannot predict?

So, the big question is: How can we be more prepared for what we cannot predict? #publicsectormarketingprosClick To Tweet

JSB Response:

I have been on all sides of a PR crisis throughout my 18-year communications career. From reporting them as broadcast journalist, shielding my clients as a PR practitioner and now preventing them in the digital age.

Those crises have come in many guises and across all media formats. Trust me, the landscape has changed dramatically in the space of 10 years.

The disruption of news and media, a shift in consumer behaviour led by the smartphone revolution, combined with the dynamic of real-time information flows, provides new challenges for PR professionals working in Government and in the public sector.

The role of traditional PR manager has evolved into a digital media specialist. However, the core skills of communications professionals have never been more important. The explosion of content online and the introduction of the citizen journalist voice has muddied the waters of news like never before.

We need expert Government officials to produce content that makes clear fact in the face of an Internet full of opinion and fake news.

To highlight the value of a traditional skillset and how those competencies can be adapted in the age of social media, I am sharing my own formula of how to put out a fire on a PR nightmare which ignites on social media.

PR crisis prevention is better than disaster management cure

It’s inevitable that any PR crisis will escalate on social media. It doesn’t matter whether you believe the opinions of keyboard warriors are worthy or not. The bottom line is, trust is the currency of public interest messaging.

News desks are watching social media and taking the public temperature of topics on Facebook and Twitter. This influencing editorial decisions and so you should care about what’s being said on social media.

Social media, community and digital marketing managers don’t always come with a PR or journalistic background so it’s important your management team meet to discuss the potential for any PR crisis on your social networks.

Being prepared for a digital PR crisis will help mitigate the damage to brand trust and it should be prioritized as much as any other function in your organisation.

From cyber-attacks to terrorism, economic crashes and political turmoil, external factors are beyond your control, however, how you react, can give you some of that control back.

Internally, you should be able to define what possible threats pose damage to your organisation and having a plan to deal with each gives you a head-start in any crisis, from announcing job losses, to white collar crime, workplace accidents, technology failures or cyberbullying.

“When the chips are down you need to rise up.” JSB

The PAR Online Crisis Response (Preparation, Action and Reaction)

The practical steps to take to prevent a crisis, when dealing with a crisis internally and externally, including your response times, statements, actions to take and live monitoring of the situation. This will be linked to the crisis probability matrix.

How to manage a PR Crisis on Social Media

Submit Your Challenge

If you have a particular marketing or digital communications challenge right now, get in touch and I’ll create a podcast around the topic.

You don’t have to come on the show or give me specific internal details, simply outline what the challenge is and what your objectives are to achieve success. Then leave the rest to JSB!

Send me your challenge to info@publicsectormarketingpros.com or tweet me to @tweetsbyjsb.


Diploma Deep Dive

In this part of the show I take you behind the scenes of the Diploma in Digital Communicati0ns for Public Sector.

Today’s Diploma Deep Dive focuses on Module #3 Managing a Government Crisis on Social Media - how to take control of a PR crisis that begins or escalates online,

Module Aim:

The aim of this module is to help you develop a robust crisis communications plan that is fit for purpose in the digital age.

Module Description:

This module will see you take action on your organisation’s crisis communications plan by developing a roadmap suited to social media. Using Joanne’s blueprint, you will build out your action plan and giving thought to those crises that may hit when you least expect.

Learning Outcomes:

3.1 Crisis management in the Digital Age

3.2 Crisis probability matrix

3.3 Online crisis management team

3.4 The PAR Online Crisis Response (Preparation, Action, Reaction)

3.5 Leveraging your digital real estate

3.6 15-step crisis response

3.7 Crisis management report

Learning Resources:

* Welcome video [Setting expectations: learner input and learning outcomes]

* Public Sector Marketing Pros Forum

* 60-minute video tutorial

* PowerPoint presentation

* Transcript of video tutorial

* Audio of video tutorial

* Module handbook

* Crisis probability matrix template

* PAR plan

* Digital PR crisis protocol template

* Case study video

* Case study essay

* Module #3 Checklist

* JSB Office Hours [60-minute live Q&A]

* CPD Certificate on completion

On successful completion of this module learners are sent their CPD certificate.


You can now buy the modules for €295 or you will get it as part of the 12-month Diploma which you can register for and start at any time of the year.


Digital Take Away

The digital product from this show is my Crisis Probability Matrix. Download it for free at: www.publicsectormarketingpros.com/prcrisis

You can use this blueprint to:

* Establish examples of types of crises that may impact your department/organisation.

* Each crisis should be categorized by type, either as ‘internal’ or ‘external’ in order to help you craft your action plan.

* Decide what expertise you will need for each particular crisis and remember that this may include outside expertise.

* Detail the fallout and impact of each possible crisis on your department/organisation.

* Define who the crisis is going to impact most by listing the audiences in the firing line.

I’m also offering loyal podcast listeners a 10% discount to the Diploma in Digital Communications for Public Sector. Use promo code PublicSectorPro101 on registration.

Find out more at https://publicsectormarketingpros.com/diploma/.


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