Podcast Year in Review | 2022 We Grew!

By Joanne Sweeney | December 19, 2022

Thank you to all our listeners of the Public Sector Marketing Show in 2022.   In 2022 our podcast grew; it won a national podcast award, and we are one of the top podcasts in the Government category. Many of you discovered us this year, proof that you need to commit to your podcast and not […]

Episode 76 - Takeaways from the 2022 Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit

By Joanne Sweeney | November 17, 2022

The 4th Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit was a huge success, and simply down to the expert speakers and engaged audience. It was our pleasure to host you all. For those of you that didn’t make it, we’ve created a highlights reel from each of the four sessions on the day. Coming up in episode […]

Episode 75 - Public Sector Marketing Pro Audiobook Chapter

By Joanne Sweeney | November 10, 2022

My new book, the 2nd Edition of Public Sector Marketing Pro is out now! It's the definitive guide to digital marketing and social media for government and public sector. Coming soon to Audible is the accompanying audiobook. But to celebrate the release of the book, I’ve decided to give my loyal Public Sector Marketing Show listeners […]

Episode 74 - How to Reduce Your Digital Carbon Footprint

By Joanne Sweeney | November 3, 2022

We have less than 8 years to save the planet. It’s a pretty depressing statistic. According to the 2021 United National Climate Report, changes to the global climate are intensifying rapidly. So it got me thinking. How much carbon am I emitting from my digital activity? Then I thought you would like to know more about […]

Episode 73 - Should Public Services Be Available Online?

By Joanne Sweeney | October 13, 2022

We shop online, attend medical appointments, book holidays and attend events, so why is it that we still have to access public services mostly offline? But is it changing? Estonia is a European leader is eGovernment and has been for almost a decade.  We are playing catch up in Ireland, but so are many countries.  […]

Episode 72 - The 4th Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit

By Joanne Sweeney | October 6, 2022

Meet our 2022 Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit speakers. Taking place on Thursday 27th October in the Mayson Hotel Dublin, you can attend in-person or online. View ticket options. Throughout the day the audience, you, will be central to discussions. So it’s a great opportunity to be inspired to impact online with influence and confidence. […]

Episode 71 - How to Create Engaging Social Media Content

By Joanne Sweeney | September 29, 2022

Are you struggling to produce enough or the right type of digital content that makes an impact? Do you want to in-source and streamline your content marketing?  Is the overwhelm of social video taking its toll? I see you, but I got your back. I’m excited to share the news that we are Brand Ambassadors […]

Episode 70 - Why You Need to Rethink Your Public Sector PR Strategy

By Joanne Sweeney | September 22, 2022

My favourite annual research is out and it’s time to understand the ever-changing news landscape. The 2022 Digital News Report compiled by Reuters Institute and the University of Oxford presents an interesting evolution of news consumption online. This year’s report looks at the progress on pay models and the popularity of curated editorial products like […]

Episode 69 - A TikTok Plan for Public Sector

By Joanne Sweeney | September 15, 2022

Instagram has gone all TikTok, and you’re feeling left behind. Keep listening because I’ve got your public sector and government TikTok plan sorted.  In this second episode of Season 4 of the Public Sector Marketing Show, I’m sharing my views on the Great Meta Manoeuvre - the transformation of the timeline as we know it. […]

Episode 68 - The Art of Communicating Bad News in Government or Public Sector

By Joanne Sweeney | September 8, 2022

Climate action, the cost-of-living crisis, food security, war, the great resignation, a looming recession, pandemics, divisive national politics - whatever your bad news, you’ve no choice but to communicate it.  But how well you do it will be the difference between a sustained public backlash or general public buy-in.  With the citizen expecting timely truths […]