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The Definitive Guide to Digital Marketing and Social Media for Government and Public Sector. Essential reading for marketing professionals working in government and public sector who want immediate digital communications results.
Public Sector Marketing Pro


The leadership demonstrated in government and public sector globally in the past four years has been nothing short of transformational. In fact, transformational does not adequately describe the significance of your digital manoeuvres. The pandemic rewrote the rules of public sector marketing and I felt compelled to bring this book into the post-pandemic age.

The first edition has been heralded by readers as an essential guide, helping them navigate public interest messaging online. This second edition reflects on the transformation within government and public sector and addresses the massive shifts and overnight agility when the public health crisis shut down the world. It is both reflective but reformist in its approach to the new rules of communications in a digital-first world.

The public interest is increasingly in the hands of the people—those the government and civil service are there to serve. It is therefore incumbent on you to step up and scale digital communication skills across your organisation. This book is an aid to that transformation.

What You Will Learn

Scaling Agile Digital Communications
Customising Your Communications Strategy in the Digital Age
How Government Agencies and the Public Sector Can Influence Public Opinion Using Social Media
How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for Government or a Public Sector Agency
Content Marketing for Government and Public Sector Agencies
Digital Storytelling Techniques for Government and Public Sector Agencies
How to Integrate Social and Live Video into Government and Public Sector Communications
How to Build Public Trust: Case Studies
Crisis Management in the Digital Age
Hosting Events in a Hybrid World
How to Measure Success in Digital Communications
Redefining Communications Roles and Work Practices in the Digital Age
"Joanne Sweeney's newly updated Public Sector Marketing Pro offers everything you need to know about digital marketing and social media in one easy-to-read guide. In each chapter, she offers insightful advice that will help you to transform your marketing communications work across the board. Her book is a game changer!"
Marilyn Wilkes, Director, Communications, Yale University
"I wouldn't be without the book; Public Sector Marketing Pro. Joanne Sweeney sits on my shoulder, and speaks in such an informed way about the value of marketing in the public sector. Her expertise and enthusiasm for working together to build a network of professionals is infectious and inspiring!"
Sheila Byrnes, Communications Manager, The Marine Institute
"In this updated edition to her super successful book, Joanne has once again served up what the public sector needs, in terms of making complex digital marketing strategies and ideas seem achievable and exciting. Couple this together with how she proved her agility both during and after a global pandemic, as a leader herself, and you're in for a real treat!"
Chris Ducker, Bestselling Author of Rise of the Youpreneur
Rave Reviews for the Second Edition
Maria McCann, Organisational Psychologist, Director Health Identifiers Service, HSE
"Drawing on first-hand research and experience gathered throughout a two-decade career in media and communications – this 2nd edition of Public Sector Marketing Pro from Joanne Sweeney oozes with her enthusiasm for digital communications and identifies key elements that will allow you develop and optimise your digital communications in a post-pandemic world."
Alison Maloney, Digital Communications & Design Executive, Teagasc
"Public Sector Marketing Pro is the comprehensive bible public sector professionals need in a post-pandemic world to navigate the fast-changing landscape of digital media, marketing and communications. Expert Joanne Sweeney takes the reader through every scenario from agile planning to crisis management. Don't leave your home office without it."
Niamh Connolly, Marketing and Communications Manager, University of Galway
"A must-have book for our times, Joanne Sweeney set the bar with her first Public Sector Marketing Pro handbook, and this version delivers a timely update perfect for the blink-and-you-miss-it pace of digital comms. Her style is snappy, succinct and useful, revealing her audience-savvy broadcast journo background and heart for digital transformation serving the public interest by cutting quickly to the heart of what matters, what works, and more importantly, what's coming."
Lisa Leilani Williams, Public Affairs Adviser, Pacific Islands Forum
"Insightful and well researched. Joanne Sweeney's Public Sector Marketing Pro is a 'must read' regardless of how much experience you already have under your belt! Joanne Sweeney is to be commended on producing a bible for anyone planning or delivering marketing within the public sector."
Linzi Jones, Copywriter, The Jones Edit
"In this edition of 'Public Sector Marketing Pro'" Joanne Sweeney has once again shown her ability to give a very insightful and practical appraisal of the present and future digital communications landscape. From Joanne's very clear blueprint for designing a social media campaign tailored to the readers’ needs, to her section on crisis management in the Digital Age, she has once again produced a must-read to anyone looking to fully utilise the potential of social media at their fingertips."
Eddie Golden, Inspector and Senior Manager, An Garda Síochána
"Digital transformation becomes straightforward with Joanne Sweeney’s knowledge and practical advice in Public Sector Marketing Pro. Her common sense and logical approach to effective marketing makes it essential reading. It is easy to understand and flows well. It will be referred to, in the public sector, for many years to come."
Catherine Costello, Librarian, Wicklow Library Service

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