State of Social Media – USA 2021

The State of Social Media in the Public Sector USA report is an analysis of the social media activity of 700+ Local, State and Federal government and public sector agencies.
State of Social Media – USA 2021


The report captures an analysis of the social media activity of 500 government agency accounts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube over a 90-day period.

Public sector marketing author, and founder of Public Sector Marketing Institute, Joanne Sweeney, prepared the report in conjunction with Jaime Rojas of Rojas Communications Group to get concrete evidence of the state of social media play in government communications.

What You Will Learn

What does successful social media look like for public sector agencies?
How do you evaluate this success?
What agencies are performing well and what can we learn from them?
What factors determine success?
Why are some agencies successful and others not?
What do we uncover about citizen engagement and behaviour?
What social networks are best suited to public interest messaging?
“Understanding how state and federal government use social media to great effect inspires our own social media efforts.”
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