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It’s no secret that the Public Sector is seriously lagging behind the Private Sector in terms of its digital marketing maturity. For a while, the gap was small enough not to make too much of an impact. However, in recent years, it's grown.

When COVID-19 surfaced and in-person support and events ground to a halt, it was made glaringly obvious. Maybe you’ve noticed it in your own workplace? Did you stuggle to communicate online effectively?

You are not alone. I work with hundreds of public sector pros every year and I help them step out outline confidently and competently. I break what you need down into small steps. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert. But if you are an advanced public sector marketer, I can take you to the next level.

Private Sector marketing is a master at what the Public Sector needs most:

A transparent, trusting connection with their audience and the ability to get an important message across with insightful action!   But Public Sector digital marketing must be handled differently. Digital marketing training and strategy offered on the market is almost entirely geared for the Private Sector and concentrates on conversions as sales. In the Public Sector, conversions are NOT sales.


What You Are Trying To Win Is Public Trust!

So that citizens engage with you, believe you and understand the why of your policies. That’s why digital marketing for Public Sector must be handled differently and much more delicately. I understand the nuances of public policy, politics and online reputation.

So, even if your sector has the willingness and the funding to invest in upskilling and modernising its digital marketing, the problem has always been finding a specialised Public Sector digital marketing expert to help with strategy, training and implementation.

Today, you’ve found one in me! I want to help you step forward as a confident and competent Public Sector employee in digital communications, become a hero, and bridge the ever-growing gap by mastering digital marketing for your sector.

For You, That Means:

A brand new skill set to bring to your role / CV

Being the driving force behind a huge advancement in digital marketing within the Public Sector

The ability to effectively communicate and educate your team/organisation and your target audience

Increased chance of a promotion and/or career progression

If those are things you want to achieve:

I Want To Give You My Expert Advice On
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Digital Marketing


Hello, I’m Joanne Sweeney

Helping those in the public sector upskill and elevate your specific sector’s message through digital marketing is my passion.

I am one of only a handful of people who specialise in the area and can provide expert, tailored advice through my wealth of knowledge and experience.


That Includes:

Authoring two books Public Sector Marketing Pro and Social Media Under Investigation, Law Enforcement and the Social Web.

Hosting the weekly Public Sector Marketing Show and Podcast.

Publishing a weekly digital magazine to 2,000+ Public Sector professionals.

Presenting to Facebook HQ in Dublin to their Heads of Government, Politics and Advocacy teams on how they should adjust their marketing and products for this sector.

​Being a Google Digital Academy trainer, only one of 24 globally for EMEA and only one of 7 for the US market.

​Creating the Annual State of Social Media Report – a forensic look at how the public sector performs. Completed so far for Australia, Ireland and the US.

​Consulting EPP Group in the European Parliament – representing 175 MEPs in 27 European countries and Ireland’s national health service, Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (Irish police force); Local Government, Higher Education, Citizen Rights, Health and more.

Winning the 2021 Social Media Online Trainer of the Year in Ireland / Book Authority Best PR Books of 2020


My company, Public Sector Marketing Institute, also provides bespoke accredited digital marketing and social media courses for Government and Public Sector.

Its mission is to elevate the standard of digital communications in the public interest, one digital message at a time. Now, I’m personally looking for public sector employees and decision makers to step forward and be the driving force inside of their roles.

That includes: Public Sector, government, non-profit, semi-state, and NGO professionals.

You could be in a formal marketing or communications role. Equally, you could have a different job title with an informal yet increasing expectation for you to handle communication and marketing.

Either way, this is a unique chance for you to be proactive both for the progression of your own career and that of your Public Sector organisation.

On The Call With Me You Will:


Discover that digital marketing isn’t as complicated, time-consuming, or costly as you and your organisation have been led to believe.


Learn how Public Sector specific marketing can help you manage a PR crisis, win public trust, engage citizens in our modern world, and so much more.


Get 100% clear on the steps you need to take to upskill your digital marketing knowledge and implement it into your Public Sector role.


Be able to take everything you’ve learned to your boss/head of department and demonstrate your proactivity and willingness to improve inside of your current role.

I’ve Helped 1000’s Of Public Sector
Employees Progress Their Careers
Through Digital Marketing Mastery

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing for Government and Public Sector course is transformational. It has equipped me with best-in-class knowledge of digital communication trends and tools. The best investment I could have made in my career. Joanne is empowering. She is a true master coach, role model and inspirational mentor."

- Natalia

The Professional Diploma in Social Media for Government and Public Sector course was a springboard for me. Joanne is an inspirational leader. She genuinely cares about delivering excellence. In an inspiring yet practical way, Joanne teaches us how to leverage social media so we can focus on what truly matters - producing the best work possible. I have never enjoyed studying more.”

- Lisa

Joanne has literally written the book on public sector marketing and has designed programmes to transform how we engage online with the public. We have implemented so many tactics and strategies as a result of being part of her programmes and membership community."

- Ruth

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