Episode 17 – How to Build Public Trust with Social Customer Service

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A 2018 McKinsey report states: “When government agencies offer a better customer experience, they deliver measurable impact across multiple priorities. Public-sector leaders should pick their spots and be bold.”

Coming up in Episode 17 of the Public Sector Marketing Show:

  • > What is social customer care in public sector?
  • > Five key social CX trends in 2021
  • > I interview Russel Lolacher, Director at Ministry of Transportation in the British Columbia Public Service in Canada and a CX Thought Leader
  • > Download McKinsey’s report on how public sector can lead online when it comes to customer care by learning from the private sector

If you want to improve citizen satisfaction, stay tuned!


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Joanne’s Column

What is Social CX?

In today’s column we are talking about CX which stands for customer experience and of course we are talking about it in the context of online customer care for government and public sector. 

I predict that call centres will eventually become digital hubs where DMs, PMs and instant messaging will be the CX driven by citizen demand. Afterall, just take a look at our own experience as consumers right now. 

How are you engaging with utility companies, retail outlets, your GP and other important services?  I bet in the past week you have engaged at least one service provider online and expected a same-day if not same-hour response. 

These customer expectations are now spilling over into the public sector as social media and messaging communications overtake phone calls, letters and in some sectors emails. 

So what is Social CX in public sector? 

It is the ability to communicate in real-time with citizens on multiple digital channels with access to the right information at the right time to answer the right question. Easy, right? No! 

Did you know that most government agencies underperform when it comes to customer satisfaction.

A series of articles by McKinsey on this topic, which I have linked in the blog post associated with this podcast, says that the biggest challenges facing public sector around CX are four-fold:

  1. > A monopolistic mind-set is a pervasive obstacle. When customers don’t have a choice, it dramatically removes a major incentive for governments to innovate and improve service. It also hampers agencies’ ability to set priorities.
  2. > Unlike private-sector organizations, government agencies must aim to serve everyone within their mandated mission; they can’t just ignore certain customer segments. This bar for fairness often solidifies over time into a principle of providing one-size-fits-all service.
  3. > Governments often lack the capabilities needed to assess and address gaps in customer experiences. Those with deep analytics skills, as well as human-centered design skills, are often in short supply.
  4. > The data that agencies rely upon are typically incomplete or sequestered in silos. Thus, agencies often lack a full, timely picture of the customer’s overall experience.


So can the public sector CX step up? We will investigate more in the next segments of the show. 

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Social customer service trends  

In today’s show I’m sharing current social customer service trends. 

In reality the mindset of “our customers don’t have a choice because this is how we provide our service” won’t cut it anymore. 

Citizens are familiar with everyday customer service from Amazon and Apple and will make that their barometer across the customer service board. 

So what are the Social CX trends that are keeping citizens happy and what should you be aiming for?

Zendesk the company dedicated to great customer care did a study. They reviewed data from 90,000 businesses using Zendesk across 175 countries. They compared how they use Zendesk with opinions from customers, agents, customer experience leaders, and technology buyers. Using these insights, they identified this year’s top trends in customer experience.

They say there are 5 key trends driving satisfaction in 2021.

  1. > Spotlight on CX: The rapid move toward online engagement has reshaped what customers expect from service interactions, and 75% of customers will spend more to buy from a company that offers good CX.
  2. > A more conversational world: Customers want it all. They’re flocking to social messaging and exploring new buying habits—changing their behavior for good. 64% of customers started using a new customer service channel in 2020.
  3. > Emphasis on agility: Facing continued volatility, teams must find ways to adapt to the new needs of their customers and employees. 85% of teams reported having to make changes to their support in 2020.
  4. > The Future of Work is Now: Support teams have seen a lot of change, and new pressures are forcing companies to rethink how employees work. 50% of teams reported going fully remote in 2020.
  5. > The Digital Tipping Point: Companies are rapidly adding tools to help them scale their operations, personalize conversations, prioritize employees, and meet customers where they are. 75% of decision makers say COVID has accelerated adoption of digital tech.



Interview with Russel Lolacher

On today’s show I’m joined by Russel Lolacher, Director at Ministry of Transportation – Advocate for Great Work Relationships (EX and CX) – Communication and Engagement Leader – Podcaster – Speaker – Continuous Learner – ICMI Top25 and CX Thought Leader;

Follow Russel on Twitter @Russlol

View more of his work here


McKinsey Report, The Customer-Experience Puzzle

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