I’ve been engaged in hiring for a number of our own and client positions recently and it’s becoming clear that a social media and digital communications skillset is increasingly important.

But what if you are a public sector professional that has strong social media skills, can you leverage these competencies to get up the next rung of your career ladder?

In my view you can. And in fact, I would argue you should be strategically planning your next promotion by investing in your digital skills. 

Coming up in episode 51:

  • > It’s your time to shine if you’re a proficient social media marketer in public sector 
  • > What an employer will look for before and during interview 
  • > I’m joined by Caroline Reidy, CEO, The HR Suite and she provides tips and insights and really helpful information on the role of social media in your job hunt in 2022 whether you are seeking to move up in your existing organisation or move from private to public sector

What if you are a public sector professional that has strong social media skills, can you leverage these competencies to get up the next rung of your career ladder? | #PublicSectorMarketingShow #SocialMediaJobsClick To Tweet

Joanne’s Column: It’s Your Time to Shine if You’re a Proficient Social Media Marketer in the Public Sector or Seeking to Join the Public Sector

There are major opportunities within public sector right now for digital communications executives. In the past month alone I have seen almost 10 roles advertised in Ireland.  There will be many more coming up as this sector seeks to increase the level of digital sophistication and output.

I'm going to talk about why it's your time to shine as a proficient social media marketer. These skills are in huge demand, and an actual fact, there are new roles being created for digital communications executives. And, obviously, within that role, social media plays a huge part. So if you've been silently upskilling on social media over the past couple of years during the pandemic, or if you have an intention to upskill in 2022, then, you should be leveraging this in interview.

As an employer, and also as a social media marketer myself, I know why these skills are really, really important. Social media is now a fundamental way in which we communicate. More and more budgets are going into digital communications and in social media. The social media landscape itself is changing so quickly. And so if you have the knowledge and skills to jump from Instagram to TikTok, and then over to Twitter and LinkedIn for corporate comms, then you will be in high demand. If you're new to social media from a work context, but you use it personally, that's okay also.

What I would say to you is make a commitment to yourself that this year you are going to upskill in social media for public sector. You're going to lean in and to understand why Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are the perfect corporate comms platforms, and why TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are the perfect channels if your agency wants to engage with the public.

 Consulting: What an Employer Will Look For

Yeah, I think it's really important and I think those that do that well, I think really demonstrate how they've got lots more potential in lots of different areas.

So, like, recently I've seen a lot of people putting up maybe charities they're involved in, clubs, societies, or other types of organisations that mightn't be a mainstream job, but they've got very active roles in, so it shows that even though their role might be finance for example, they're doing marketing for a local charity, or they might be doing a treasury role for example. And they might have also, you know, been involved in other types of activities, which show breadth and depth of competencies that maybe you wouldn't necessarily see without hearing about those types of stories and areas they're involved in.

So, I think when we go back and think about, so when you're giving somebody an opportunity to see what are you about, you want to make sure that you portray all the competencies that they have and they want for that role. And this gives you kind of 3D image of that rather than it just being a CV, which is very hard, let's be honest to get across an awful lot of information in and to stand out, whereas LinkedIn gives you that opportunity. But you're putting yourself out there and for some that's the feeling of putting themselves out of their comfort zone or for some they don't like to blow their own trumpet.

And it's kind of the case of will that look bad now because I'm saying I'm after getting this award or I'm after doing this thing? Whereas you just need to embrace it and appreciate the fact that's what it's there for to give you that opportunity to put all those things out there, to be admired and appreciated for the additional dimensional skills that you may be bringing to a role.

Interview with Caroline Reidy, CEO, The HR Suite

The HR Suite is managed by Caroline Reidy who has over 20 years' experience in providing HR Services to business throughout Ireland.

Connect with Caroline on social media

Twitter https://twitter.com/thehrsuite   

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thehrsuiteonline 

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thehrsuite 

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolinemcenery 


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