It's a busy social media news show for April 2022!
Joining me for our final show in this format, is Andy Lambert of ContentCal (now taken over by Adobe).

Top 10 takeaways from Social Media News Show

1. Elon Musk and his Twitter Takeover
2. New social network BeReal launches
3. Snapchat growth eclipses all other social networks
4. TikTok users tip €840million to creators
5. TikTok engagement (time spent in the app) is going up
6. The optimum number of hashtags on Instagram is now 3-4 according to new research
7. Meta announces new monetisation plans
8. New notifications for Twitter Spaces
9. LinkedIn prompts for Cover videos
10. Instagram improves Reels editing tools
Included this month are:
  • > Trends
  • > Data
  • > Feature Updates


Let's Start with Trends

  • > Be-Real - The Next Big Thing?
  • > Focus on UGC


Let's Go with the Data

  • > Snapchat is Growing Faster than other Social Platforms
  • > Consumer Spending Growth
  • > TikTok User Engagement Keeps on Growing
  • > How Hashtags Impact Instagram Performance
  • > Best Time to Post - Facebook
  • > Best Time to Post - Twitter
  • > Best Time to Post - LinkedIn
  • > Best Time to Post - Instagram


What's New on Facebook?


  • > Monetization in the Metaverse


What's New on Twitter?


  • > Elon Musk buys Twitter
  • > Twitter Professional Accounts are now available to all
  • > Twitter is Adding an 'edit' Button
  • > New Notifications for Twitter Spaces
  • > Twitter Launch 'Quick Promote'


What's New on LinkedIn?


  • > LinkedIn give more insight into who's viewed your profile
  • > LinkedIn have added new prompts for cover videos
  • > LinkedIn have added an ability to feature your Newsletter


What's New on Instagram?


  • > Instagram's creator-focused changes
  • > Instagram improves support for causes
  • > Instagram improves Stories insights
  • > Instagram test a change to hashtag pages
  • > Instagram improves editing for reels


What's New on TikTok?


  • > GIFs come to TikTok
  • > TikTok launch 'Effect House'
  • > TikTok launch interactive ads


What's New on Youtube?


  • > Youtube search insights
  • > Youtube leans in on 'Shorts' promotion
  • > Remixing comes to Shorts


What's New on Snapchat?

th (2)

  • > Snapchat integration with Youtube


  1.  TikTok's growth continues, both in users and features
  2. YouTube continues to be an attractive component of a strategy
  3. Instagram will increasingly focus on reels
  4. New Advertising formats present new opportunities for brands
  5. New Monetisation tools present new opportunities for creators
  6. Consider your posting times, hashtag volume and platform mix to target right the audience

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