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What's new on the social media news front this month? It's time for the Social Media News Show for February 2022. As always I'm joined by ContentCal CEO, Andy Lambert to discuss the ever-changing social media landscape.

Social media spotlight updates

There are some key trends in this month's updates that social media marketers should take note of, namely, short video format, live-streaming and collaborations.


  • > Facebook drops users for the first time in 18 years
  • > Facebook Reels rolled out
  • > Facebook organic reach is still a struggle
  • > Facebook rename News Feed to Feed


  • > Engagement rates are strong
  • > Animated memes prove an engagement hack
  • > Likes on Stories
  • > Poll Sticker has been updated
  • > Scheduled live streams are here and available on Discovery Feed


  • > Collabs come to Twitter, allowing users to have joint content on Tweets


  • > 11% growth in 2021
  • > 810 million users
  • > Tap the bell for LinkedIn updates from your favourite connections
  • > New LinkedIn Services Page for freelancers


  • > Duets are driving growth for users
  • > You can now schedule TikTok lives


  • > Shorts hit 5 trillion views
  • > YouTube growth continues


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